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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

When I first started NB on Wordpress earlier this year, I closed it down after about a month because quite honestly, I was scared. I wanted to share the things I was reading because they were funny or creative, or sometimes downright mean and something to get angry over, and because nobody else was bringing it any attention.

But my fear of what other people thought took over that desire because the blog grew so big so fast and I wasn't sure if I could handle it anymore, so like a sheep, I closed the blog and tried to move on. I couldn't, though. I felt that it was important, and I realized that with a blog as controversial as this is, I needed to grow a backbone and just do it.

So I reopened the blog. And the response? It was amazing. It still is amazing... You guys, I seriously couldn't have asked for a better group of readers. You all have been more than understanding and accepting of my focus and goal and I've seen so many of you try to defend what I do and it just kills me because you don't have to! And yet you do it anyway because you believe me and have put your trust in my hands.

I promise, promise so hard that I'll try to live up to everything and more in the New Year. I won't let your trust stray. I'm so blessed to have such a great community with me and I'm so glad that I decided to go through with this blog to have finally met you all.

I will continue to grow and improve with your needs as an international community. Please know that my email, Tumblr inbox, Twitter mentions are always open for your suggestions, thoughts, and anything else you'd like to address with me. I will always be open for discussion, whatever that may be!

Thank you so much for making this a phenomenal year for me.

Have the best, happiest New Year! I will see you all in 2013 (I lie, I'll probably be back later to post the comments for Kim Tae Hee/Rain).

All my love,


[LOL] Star selcas that look like other stars

Kim Greem looking like Lee Yeon Hee

Kim So Hyun looking like Yoon Eun Hye

Dongjun looking like Han Ga In

G.NA looking like Hwang Shin Hye

Suzy looking like Kim Sarang

Yook Sungjae looking like Seo In Guk

IU looking like Shin Bong Sun

Han Hye Jin looking like Sandara Park

Jiyeon looking like Kim Tae Hee

Seo In Young looking like Park Bom

Oh Yeon Seo looking like Kim Hee Sun

 Raina looking like Jiyoung

Shin Won Ho looking like L


Same Old: Soyeon

Article: T-ara's Soyeon takes selcas in the waiting room, a wink for the last day as a 26 year old

TV Daily via Nate

1. [+626, 27] She seriously thinks uploading a selca like this when she knows what kind of hate the group is getting is appropriate? She's 26 years old and doesn't know how to read sentiment, does she. Or is she just choosing to ignore all of it~

2. [+564, -25] Not cute or pretty... Act your age... and screw off

3. [+512, -21] I don't want to swear but swears are coming out of my mouth... She's winking with such a shameless face?


Suzy reveals her wishes for the New Year

Article: 'Adult' Suzy reveals New Year's wishes "I want to go to the club and watch a 19+ movie"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+219, -88] Just practice your singing and stop with the acting you obviously suck at ㅡㅡ Didn't you hear Son Hyun Joo's award speech?

2. [+188, -89] Bubble Suzy bubble bubble bubble queen Suzy~ (TN: I explained this previously but Koreans refer to anything as a bubble when it's fake)

3. [+126, -42] I think she wants to seem sexier than her actual image is. She said on TV once that she wants her make up thick and sexy... But her image is too innocent and girlish looking, I think she can wait to do the sexy image for a few years. Hyuna matches the sexy image because of the way she looks but Suzy matches the first love image more.


Eunhyuk's past scandal brought back to attention

Article: Eunhyuk reveals Super Junior's private plane "off to China"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+197, -34] Bye

2. [+113, -21] I came too early

3. [+163, -87] Eunhyuk once said that when he was in junior high, he was on a school trip when he went into the girls' room at night and touched them. He bragged sexually assaulting someone on broadcast. I don't feel it's right for him to come on TV.


The reason this is being brought up now (I assume it's an older issue Super Junior fans are acquainted with) is because it's trending again on Nate Pann right now. The original post links to a news article where Eunhyuk says, "On a school trip, I went into the room of my female friends and touched their bodies."

1. [+368, -43] I seriously don't have anything to say right now but hul ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+319, -36] Not only is what happened ridiculous but I think he's crazy for saying that with his own mouth.

3. [+319, -45] If he wasn't a celebrity, he would've been a sexual abuser;; SM really saved him didn't they

4. [+110, -15] Hul, this is shocking. Do his fans know all of that and still liek him?

5. [+75, -13] So all this time, IU was hated on for being a sl*t when Eunhyuk had all this in his history? Isn't what Eunhyuk did true actions worthy of being called a 'sl*t'? Did he seriously just brag about touching another unconsenting woman's body on broadcast? ㅋㅋ SM didn't even clarify it, just put it away indefinitely


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: Big Bang, Bom

Article: Big Bang's first return to MBC Gayo Daejejun in 4 years 'commanding charisma'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+254, -85] Can't Big Bang ever get ending on these kinds of Gayo Daejuns. They have so much fun on stage, it's like watching a concert

2. [+237, -89] Unlike other idols that remain in the box with their performance styles, Big Bang is really carefree. It's like watching a concert. When GD thanked his fans at the end, I realized that GD was the only one out of everyone at Gayo Daejun to end their performance with a message of thanks. Big Bang seriously has great stage manners. Big Bang was the best out of this year's Gayo Daejuns.

3. [+221, -74] Even without back dancers in the beginning, Big Bang managed to fill the stage right up! Awesome!


Article: Big Bang's unique style takes over the stage 'YG all out'

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+68, -10] Big Bang was definitely the best ㅎㅎ

2. [+67, -10] Big Bang was so great! Do well in 2013! Fighting!!!

3. [+68, -16] I thought I was watching a YG concert ㅋㅋ amazing!


Article: Park Bom's diet is a success 'doll-like beauty gains attention'

Newsen via Nate

1. [+301, -44] Bom, find strength kiddo

2. [+268, -148] I think Park Bom put an end to all of the controversies over her face and her live ㅋㅋ she was honestly pretty and her live was stable and great

3. [+256, -142] But are people sure that Bom's face is like that because of botox? I heard she had thyroid issues or something that made her swell up. I'm not her fan but it'd be mean to hate on her if she was sick...


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: Psy

Article: Psy's heartwarming accomplishments in America

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+209, -7] Raise your hand if you didn't sleep so you could stay up and watch Psy perform!!!!

2. [+200, -9] 2012 was wrapped up by stabbing Ahn Jae Wook in the back... and 2013 was opened up with MBC lying to the entire Korean public ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+187, -13] When MBC was media playing about Psy being the ending performance for the Gayo Daejejun, everyone was so happy that they wouldn't have to watch another ending done by Super Junior or TVXQ. So many people looked forward to it. As I don't have any interest in idols, I watched Son Hyun Joo's award speech and finally changed the channel towards the end of the Gayo Daejejun. But right from the new year, we were all trolled... MBC, you think you can do anything these days, don't you? What's wrong with you?

4. [+40, -1] MBC are you kidding me? If you knew Psy wouldn't be able to come, you shouldn't have advertised as if he'd be performing ㅡㅡ


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: SHINee/f(x), Minho/Yuri

Article: 'MBC Gayo Daejejun' SHINee + f(x)'s perfect collabo 'cute kiss performance'

TV Daily via Nate

1. [+97, -12] Why are people complaining about this being the first stage. Who cares if it's the first stage, it was nice to see a grand opening. It was a bit out of the ordinary but I liked it, especially since we were starting off with SHINee's perfect stage ㅋㅋ

2. [+84, -18] Krystal's My First Kiss was daebak. It was brief but I liked it better than the original. Her English was great and her voice pulled it off.

3. [+76, -13] It was so cute ♥


Article: Yuri Minho couple dance, a provocative dress exposing the back 'best in history'

Newsen via Nate

1. [+305, -57] Minho, stick to dancing

2. [+376, -230] But why is it that SM sticks to their own family artists on collaboration stages like this? Even with drama castings, they stuck Sulli in with Minho. As a non-fan, it's not good to see them stick so close to each other./

3. [+193, -128] Both of them, so handsome and beautiful. Minho Yuri do well ♥♥


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: SHINee

The votes are little on these but there are quite a few SHINee articles in the rankings today so I'm assuming the attention is being spread out. Posting them anyway! As always, check the links for the most updated votes.


Article: SHINee steals the hearts of nunas with vocal talent + shining choreography

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+38, -0] SHINee's creating such a buzz with their live right from the new year ㅋㅋㅋ Right at the end, Jonhyung's mic ㅋㅋㅋ From today on, I'm a SHINee world ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+35, -0] Seriously, for three days in a row they've been pulling off every live with a choreography that's just as difficult. It gives me goose bumps.

3. [+30, -1] I'm a fan of another idol group but SHINee was seriously daebak! Their dance is so complicated but yet their live... Especially Jonghyun's deep breath at the end, it gave me goose bumps ㅠㅠ I think they're the top when it comes to live. SHINee's seriously the best.


Article: SHINee rings in the morning with a crazy live sounding straight from the CD

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+62, -10] The other artists seemed like their throats were still opening up because it was so early in the morning but SHINee was daebak

2. [+58, -10] ㅠㅠㅠㅠ it was so powerful... The dancing, the live... I won't be able to sleep tonight ㅠㅠ♥

3. [+56, -11] Crazy live... with that dance... Jonghyun gave me goose bumps


Article: SHINee, the reason they're called talented 'perfect vocal talent + choreography'
Newsen via Nate

1. [+55, -2] Three days in a row, nothing but perfect, consistent lives. Their choreography would be difficult just dancing without singing but they pulled it all off. Goose bumps.

2. [+52, -2] Nothing to say but amazing... Onew was stable and Jonghyun screamed as if he'd explode. All five were amazing./

3. [+54, -4] Minho did his part well but the other four were really... So great. They killed the live.


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: Jo Kwon/Ga-In, Kwanghee/Sunhwa

Article: 'WGM' Jo Kwon Ga-In's hug... lovely couple

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+182, -15] They're both so cute ㅠㅠㅠ They really match each other ㅠㅠㅠ I want to see this stage again

2. [+180, -16] Adam is legendary ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+168, -16] I just want them to get married... My heart flutters for them...


Article: Jo Kwon Ga-In still makes hearts beat after meeting for the first time in 2 years 'perfect couple'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+142, -6] Ah, seriously ㅋㅋㅋ my heart's fluttering even after it's been a while ♡ Can't they come back to WGM? ㅜㅜ

2. [+134, -5] My heart was beating the entire time.. Adam Couple ♡

3. [+124, -5] They both match so well! ㅋㅋ Do well to the both of them!


Article: Kwanghee Sunhwa's collab stage, hand kiss... 'WGM Representative Couple'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+148, -11] Their lip syncing was too obvious...

2. [+149, -16] Listening to the Adam live before them and then hearing Kwanghee and Sunhwa... there was a big difference...

3. [+122, -20] And who said they're the representative couple?


2012 MBC Gayo Daejejun: INFINITE

Article: INFINITE group + unit + solo 'definitely INFINITE'

Newsen via Nate

1. [+183, -17] Im Jin Gak said the weather was unbelievably cold, but they performed three songs in that weather~ Talented INFINITE ^^ Always supporting you~

2. [+173, -12] Totally cool INFINITE ㅠㅠ I felt so bad when I saw how cold it was... Sending all my cheers to all of the artists that performed outside in this cold weather ㅠㅠ

3. [+167, -12] You worked hard in the cold ㅠㅠ INFINITE's the best!!! ㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+93, -1] But seeing as how they never media play and they got this far from a company that's basically nameless... They really do work hard.

5. [+82, -1] I think it's hard to see any other artist that prepared as much as they did this year. For all three ceremonies, they prepared a different remix and concept. Although they only came down after one track because it was so cold, they really did great.


Signing my own death petition...

Before I start this post, I just want to preface it by saying that this is not in any way a reflection of the international JYJ fandom or an attack against any of my JYJ readers. My JYJ readers have been nothing but understanding with me and they've been some of the sweetest people I've had the chance of chatting with on Twitter.

However, I feel that this is something that NEEDS to be addressed better now than later because it's been bothering me for some time now and I'm not going to sit on it any longer, especially not after finding out that an admin of another JYJ website has been spreading crap about me without bothering to address me first.

At the risk of losing a good chunk of my readers, I'm going to go ahead and just write out what I should have said a long time ago but was too wary to because I was afraid of the backlash. I mentioned this topic briefly in this article and it was met with a considerable amount of backlash, which is understood, but the issue has gotten way out of control and I no longer feel comfortable parading around JYJ articles as if they're always positive dumps because they're not.

Put simply, JYJ fans are like an organized gang on Nate. While I'm sure you can tell by some positive dump articles that fans are posting, JYJ fans have a systematic approach to it where they'll send in swarms of fans en masse to each JYJ related article and MAKE SURE that each best reply is carefully constructed by a fan and voted up, leaving no room for netizens to get in their real comments.

Any comment by a netizen that isn't praise is automatically voted down and taken off the best reply feature.

I know that some of you wouldn't believe me so I took screencaps of it happening LIVE on Yoochun's article about winning at the SBS Drama Awards.

I think you'll see why I don't feel comfortable parading around JYJ articles as positive dumps anymore. Yeah, the best replies are positive, but are they really? Judge for yourself. (Btw, the J in Korean is pronounced the same as 'crime', so netizens have taken to calling JYJ fans 'crime Y crime'.)

The first best reply on this article stated: [+167, -119] Wow, the comments here are worlds different from the other articles. Fans are truly just closing their eyes and plugging their ears and living in their own world...

The other two best replies were similar comments, which had already been voted down by JYJ fans and replaced with fan comments (like I said, they're very systematic).

The comments to the best reply say, and I'm including EVERYTHING:

- "If you have any respect, please lend us your support from protecting this best reply from the disrespectful, no mannered fangirl sasaeng crime Y crime fangirls!!!"
- "We have to protect this best reply..."
- "Everyone, please protect this best reply!! Vote it up! Every non-fan needs to know!"
- "This best reply will be voted down soon..."
- "It seems it's too late... this best reply will be taken down soon"
- "I got 17 downvotes over a negative comment I left about Park Yoochun"
- "Nate isn't the only place where crime Y crime fans have taken over. They're all coming from Daum Starzone's JYJ forum. Look at this same article over there, it's nothing but praise for him from the fans sucking his d*ck."
- "Fu*king fangirls, look at how fast they come together. Use this on things that actually matter."
- "Look at all of the fangirl replies that are getting ready to take over this best reply. It's pathetic how Nate has fallen so easily to them... Nate needs to change the commenting system so that these groups can't come in and change best replies to whatever they want."

You can see what the real sentiment on JYJ and their fans is by that.

This normally isn't a problem because it's normal for fandoms to want to comment on their favorite artist's articles, but with JYJ fans, they're like an organized gang. They vote up EVERY SINGLE JYJ related article no matter what, to the point where some nights, the entire top 30 is just flooded with JYJ articles with the same fans voting up their own positive comments. You can imagine why I stopped doing drama posts on 'I Miss You'.

Yoochun and Jaejoong are in a lot of NB positive dumps, but the reality is, outside of the best replies are just comments from netizens calling them out for sh*t like any other idol in scandalous activities like asthma and the army and the abuse of sasaeng fans.

Eventually, that best reply was voted down and fell off the best reply list, promptly being replaced by the two best replies below (including the comments to that best reply):

1. [+137, -84] Park Yoochun congratulations!!! Rooftop Prince was seriously the best~ Congrats~~

- "We eventually lost"
- "Wow, won't this f*ck ever be embarrassed in front of real actors? I'd be embarrassed even winning the award"
- "These people need to learn that this is embarrassing"
- "I'm afraid of crime Y crime fans now"
- "I feel bad for your parents for giving birth to you as a daughter...."
- "Wow, I'm really scared of these fans now, this is like a horror story ㅠㅠ"
- "We were eventually taken over ㅋㅋㅋ"
- "Wow, this is scary ㅋㅋㅋ"
- "The orc crime Y crime fans' screaming was the best~ Congratulations on being known as the representatives of no manner~~"
- "The best replies have been switched by the fangirls... Quite amazing."

2. [+99, -57] Rooftop Prince Park Yoochun-ssi, congratulations on your win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- "The stupid fangirls have managed to change all of the best replies.."
- "Miss Sasaeng, do your parents know that you're doing things like this?
- "Stupid fangirl, go reflect"
- "Can we take down this best reply?"
- "Stupid crime Y crime fangirls make me puke..."
- "Ugh, I saw the other replies this person wrote and she's basically a sasaeng crime fan. Total trash."


After a while, JYJ fans changed tactics by what netizens call now as 'normal person cosplay' where they'll act like they're not a fan at all but some random netizen that came across the article and fell in love with Yoochun immediately cause he's so awesome and his acting brought them to tears!!!!!

Yeah, that act didn't last long because Nate allows users to see comment histories and all of these supposed 'normal person comments' were accounts that only commented positively on JYJ news. I'm just saying - THAT'S HOW FAR THEY'RE WILLING TO GO WITH THIS CHARADE.

I'd call out any other fandom if they did this on Nate but really, it's just the JYJ fans.

Another recent example:

Article: Park Yoochun sweeps rookie and excellence in all three broadcast channels, achievement earned in 3 years of his acting career

TV Daily via Nate

Original best replies:

1. [+788, -620] This is the reality of our drama industry. They set up an entire award, the popularity award, just for fangirls to vote to their hearts content not on the quality of acting but on their love for the start. Of course, Park Yoochun did better than other idols but he's not even a speck on the map compared to other nominees like Lee Sung Min, Yoon Je Moon, Um Ki Joon. I bet the fangirls are asking why we're questioning an award given by the broadcast channel but imagine how far you've all gone for us to say this. He is not winning this award for his acting. And please, fangirls, cut down your screaming. Your oppa must've been embarrassed because of you./

2. [+367, -311] An actor that improves by the day?? ㅋㅋㅋ As freaking if. He needs to improve his acting more before he can even say the a in actor. He won over Lee Sung Min, Yoon Je Moon, and Um Ki Joon over acting like that? Aigo~~ There's nothing that can't be achieved without the power of fangirls. And all the screaming fangirls... This is an awards ceremony, not your oppa's concert.

3. [+298, -260] Chunshik, I noticed you said your award speech just fine without one cough?


The new best replies:

1. [+593, -422] I really had fun watching Rooftop Prince. I'm having fun watching I Miss You now. Congrats!

2. [+519, -352] Every single scene in Rooftop Prince like when he ate the omurice... the 4 beagles.. the tearful rooftop marriage... It was all fun, and definitely a drama I won't be able to forget. Shin Yoon Sub director, please make us another hit!

3. [+420, -247] Park Yoochun-ssi, congratulations on his four crowns. I hope he continues to become a great actor. I had fun watching Rooftop Prince.


The comments to the new best replies... you can imagine. Some netizens have even gone as far as to link the exact communities where JYJ fans were spreading out article links and asking each other to go in and take down the best replies.


I have no problem if they keep to their own articles but they go around to every single TVXQ article that even TVXQ fans don't bother to vote up and post hateful sh*t, making it sound as if the public is sick of TVXQ and their careers are over - but really, from what I've read, regular netizens couldn't care less. TVXQ has been relatively scandal free aside from the JYJ lawsuit and that earns big points with them. JYJ on the other hand... I'm sure you know better than I do. That's why I haven't bothered posting up any TVXQ articles even if I do see them because I wasn't sure how to approach it.

I probably lost a lot of readers now but I'm done with tip toeing around the issue. Like I said, my JYJ readers have always been reasonable with me and this is in no way a reflection of their international fandom. It's just what I've observed from Nate specifically.

Did I basically just sign my own death petition? haha.


Edited to add: As said in a reply to a commenter below, I am willing to take in any guest posts from readers that want to offer another perspective on this (anything within the fandom that I have missed or would explain more than what I had to say). E-mail them to me at netizenbuzz[@]


Another edit to add: After e-mailing back and forth with a few JYJ fans who stepped up to discuss the matter further with me, I've learned a lot of eye opening things which only confirmed my beliefs that Korean JYJ fans are going about this the wrong way. Casual netizens don't know how severe Yoochun's asthma is and generally just believe it's not enough to evade service for. One fan emailed me links to several YouTube videos to show that it indeed is severe, to the point where he collapses on stage because of it.

Instead of leaving these nonsensical positive comments, Korean fans should instead leave comments explaining and clarifying these false lies and accusations because it would open a lot more eyes and minds than just "Yoochun oppa is the best".

But alas, we are not them nor are they us so I can only watch the fire blaze in Nate. 

2012 KBS Drama Awarsd: Um Tae Woong, Kim Nam Joo, general comments

Article: Um Tae Woong wins actor award chosen by 156 PDs...

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+180, -4] Did they give Um Tae Woong this award to give Kim Nam Joo daesang? Doesn't seem right... but then again, this award seems more important than the daesang because it's truly for real actors.. I guess it's okay if he doesn't win daesang.. Congrats

2. [+141, -2] Um Tae Woong deserves this award

3. [+133, -6] But really, the PD award is basically an 'We aren't giving you the daesang award'. It's a good award but still leaves you wanting more ㅠㅠㅠ still, congratulations!


Article: Kim Nam Joo wins KBS Daesang, 'You Who Rolled In...' wins 10 crowns

OSEN via Nate

1. [+429, -89] Personally, I would've liked Song Joong Ki and Um Tae Woong to have switched awards but... congratulations anyway to everyone that won ^.^ You Who Rolled In..., Nice Guy, Man of Reversal, and Bridal Mask were all amazing dramas!!!

2. [+385, -70] Ah, really disappointed Um Tae Woong didn't win more. I really thought he'd win for man of reversal....

3. [+392, -206] The best excellence award should've been Um Tae Woong, Yoo Jun Sang, and for female, Lee Bo Young ㅡㅡ


Article: KBS's long line of excellence award winners

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+440, -15] But we have nothing to say... because all of the KBS dramas hit daebak

2. [+374, -15] I think everyone that deserved one won an award. I actually feel that there weren't enough awards for all of the great acting we saw. Thinking about MBC still makes me laugh ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+329, -15] Everyone that deserved one won one. I could see the reasoning behind each choice. The excellence award went to all the right people.


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Joo Won, Suzy

Article: Joo Won-Suzy win popularity award 'trend confirmation'

X Sports News via Nate

1. [+264, -70] But why did Suzy win an award? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ For Big? That drama that would've failed if not for Gong Yoo? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+188, -20] Congrats Joo Won

3. [+174, -35] I congratulate Suzy for winning her popularity award, but I think it was wrong of her to say she was winning the award as a singer when she clearly won it as an actress


Joo Won-Suzy win KBS popularity award

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+265, -55] Just don't win an acting award.. Suzy.. stick to your career as a singer. Her acting is nothing but the same facial expressions with embarrassing tone.. The epitome of poor acting. What is a singer doing at an acting ceremony anyway ㅡㅡ

2. [+239, -41] They gave an award to Big.... ㅋㅋ a popularity award... This is seriously hul

3. [+168, -19] Joo Won ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Lee Min Ho

Article: 'Faith' Lee Min Ho wins best excellence award

X Sports News via Nate [2]

I combined two articles.

1. [+127, -13] His award speech was so sad. He looked so lonely sitting by himself because the drama didn't get their own table. I feel like his emotions were reflected in his speech ㅠ it almost seemed like he was about to cry, it broke my heart. I hope that all of the cast of Faith get together for a drink and forget what happened. Wishing them the best in 2013.

2. [+128, -15] Why weren't the Faith staff there? He really seemed like he missed them

3. [+212, -20] Lee Min Ho looked so lonely because the Faith team wasn't there.

2. [+201, -27] Congratulations Lee Min Ho... I can still hear him saying Imja in my head ㅠㅠ

3. [+93, -18] The Imja couple is still so vibrant in my memory... Still going through my Choi Young frenzy.. Congrats on the award!


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Son Hyun Joo wins daesang

Article: Son Hyun Joo, SBS Drama Awards... 'best award' in 22 years of his career

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+830, -14] Son Hyun Joo's award speech... really touched my heart. The line where he said the drama had no idols...

2. [+710, -9] The Chaser was the best drama of 2012. The level of concentration was too high to be considered a drama. There was not a day where I didn't cry watching it. Son Hyun Joo's acting was breathtaking in The Chaser. My most sincerest congratulations on him winning daesang./

3. [+688, -14] His award speech was amazing. There were no idols, no stars, just true talented actors. It was the best drama of the year. Thank you.


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Jang Dong Gun, So Ji Sub, Han Ji Min

Article: Jang Dong Gun wins best excellence award... Kim Soo Ro accepts in his place "I'm not Jang Dong Gun"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+377, -16] Son Hyun Joo had the best speech of the night... "There were no idols, no stars, just teacher Park Geun Hyung." Are you listening, you fake actors?

2. [+368, -25] Stupid fangirls really need to be barred entrance from events like this. Yesterday it was Yoo Jae Suk and today it's Park Yoochun. Do you guys think it's your oppa's concert or something? So disrespectful. Imagine how bad it was for Lee Kyung Kyu and Park Geun Hyung to ask you guys to be quiet. And of course, Son Hyun Joo's awards speech "There were no idols or stars..." Park Yoochun was already embarrassed because of your screaming, imagine how he felt after hearing that ㅋㅋㅋ Probably couldn't even lift his head ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+317, -9] Why did Kim Sang Joong only get an excellence award


Article: 'Ghost' So Ji Sub wins best excellence award 'cool awards speech'

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+534, -66] Please don't let fatty orc fangirls from entering awards ceremonies. Especially JYJ fangirls, no matter what. They were so disrespectful that Park Geun Hyung asked them to stop screaming tsk tsk. They should just limit these events to real actors ㅡㅡ They're turning a prestigious awards ceremony into an idol concert.

2. [+321, -4] Even the MCs were surprised and couldn't say anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+320, -48] Son Hyun Joo is daesang but.. Lee Bum Soo over Lee Min Ho.


Article: Han Ji Min wins best excellence award

Newsen via Nate

1. [+246, -44] I'm a Park Yoochun fan myself but why were the fans there so loud ㅡㅡ? Yoochun must've been so embarrassed

2. [+204, -17] I was so impressed with how beautiful she looked the entire time... Thought this was a film festival. I had fun watching Rooftop Prince. Please come back with a better project this year!^^

3. [+172, -10] Unni, congrats ^^ Thank you for always trying your best no matter what the role! You're a beautiful person inside and out for all of the charity work you also do. There will come a day you win daesang :) I love you!!


Dispatch catches Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung on a date

Article: [Exclusive] Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, what are their dates like?

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+1,077, -56] Lee Min Jung looks like she likes him more than he likes her

2. [+885, -19] Dispatch... ㅋㅋㅋ ha... they're amazing, really ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+700, -49] Isn't Byunghun hyung cold? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess fashionistas are different

4. [+212, -3] Dispatch's ending statement ㅋㅋㅋ They're releasing a new couple on January 1st ㅋㅋㅋ I think all of the celebrities dating in secret right now are shaking ㅋㅋ D-1. It's like they're starting a war ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+152, -3] Imagine how scared all of the celebrities dating in secret are ㅋㅋㅋ D-1.

6. [+126, -2] Dispatch said it's show time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's like they're giving us a year-end present ㅋㅋㅋ Show time!

7. [+121, -5] If I were her, I wouldn't date Lee Byung Hun because of the rumors surrounding him but she seems like she really likes him.

8. [+112, -3] I love Dispatch ㅋㅋㅋ They're funny and refreshing

9. [+106, -1] Dispatch is amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're even teasing now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Positive Dump: SNSD

Article: [Exclusive] SNSD to release new track + MV at 5 p.m. tomorrow 'unprecedented'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+208, -95] Just the teaser alone makes me anticipate it ㅎㅎ The teaser is almost at 400k views..

2. [+210, -98] They're the national girl group no matter what! So lovely ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+187, -84] It's tomorrow!! Looking forward to it


Article: Why did SNSD choose to release it at 5 p.m.?

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+273, -130] The time is not important when SNSD is making their comeback... Looking forward to it!

2. [+261, -124] SNSD is more important than the time

3. [+237, -109] The teaser was so amazing, looking forward to it!