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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 SBS Drama Awards: Lee Min Ho

Article: 'Faith' Lee Min Ho wins best excellence award

X Sports News via Nate [2]

I combined two articles.

1. [+127, -13] His award speech was so sad. He looked so lonely sitting by himself because the drama didn't get their own table. I feel like his emotions were reflected in his speech ㅠ it almost seemed like he was about to cry, it broke my heart. I hope that all of the cast of Faith get together for a drink and forget what happened. Wishing them the best in 2013.

2. [+128, -15] Why weren't the Faith staff there? He really seemed like he missed them

3. [+212, -20] Lee Min Ho looked so lonely because the Faith team wasn't there.

2. [+201, -27] Congratulations Lee Min Ho... I can still hear him saying Imja in my head ㅠㅠ

3. [+93, -18] The Imja couple is still so vibrant in my memory... Still going through my Choi Young frenzy.. Congrats on the award!



  1. can someone enlighten on what happened to the faith staff/cast?

  2. Nb, could you tell me what actually happened or anyother who knows...???????

  3. simply put, the drama is one big failure.

    good food for thought:

  4. he won over lee bumsoo? what the...? feel sorry for the staffs and supporting actors who barely got their payment, instead of this guy who got 60 millions for himself per episode.

  5. The drama didn't really do well...

    I think the plot was too similar to other dramas, tbh. But the cast was pretty good.

  6. Great cast, but poor drama.

  7. He won over Lee Bum Soo and Kim Myung Min... =/

  8. It really broke My heart T.T But I'll always support u forever no matter what! Fighting! :D