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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lovelyz's Jin to halt promos due to health issues

Article: [Official statement] Lovelyz Jin to halt promos due to health issues "7 member group for now"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+612, -32] It has become the norm for idols to drop out due to health issues and then leave the group completely when no one's noticing...

2. [+521, -41] That's such a boring excuse, no? Especially in a generation that can find out the truth much faster... there's definitely something going on

3. [+45, -5] Nah, she's really sick. I saw her faint when she came to our school festival to perform.

4. [+32, -3] There are some kids who feel sick emotionally when they don't get the attention that they feel that they deserve. Oh My Girl's Jin, Lovelyz Jin, DIA's Eunjin, April's Hyunjoo, for example.

5. [+29, -9] Fans have already known that her health was going down because she wasn't able to dance at their Hong Kong fanmeet and had to sit on a chair. There's nothing shady about this so don't make up any rumors. She was with her fans just fine two days ago for a recording.

6. [+26, -4] She was the least popular member after all ㅠㅠ

7. [+24, -6] She's the group's main vocal... I hope she gets better and joins back soon ㅠㅠ

8. [+19, -1] Is she going to leave the group too?

9. [+19, -2] I was at their fanmeet, she really did look sick

10. [+16, -3] I like Lovelyz's songs but I didn't even know they had a member named Jin. I hope she takes care o herself...


Jung Woo Sung's passion for refugee acceptance backed by years of volunteer work

Article: "Backed by his years of volunteer service" Jung Woo Sung has every right to make a statement on refugees

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+3,244, -269] Yes, Jung Woo Sung does have the right to make a statement on the issue since he has spent years volunteering for refugee protection organizations. However, Koreans are already dying enough as it is in one of the worst economic situations of our times. We just don't have the room to take them in.

2. [+3,199, -250] The media keeps putting out articles in support of refugees but I am adamantly against it.

3. [+2,792, -175] I am adamantly against the accepting of refugees

4. [+200, -10] Even if Jung Woo Sung has done charity work for refugees, he has no chance of bumping into them in regular life. He just feels bad for them, that's all. But the people who live in Jeju Island and the rest of us will be facing these refugees in our everyday lives and who knows what the threats of danger are? And we're already a country with a youth employment crisis, it's preposterous that we need to be worrying about refugee employment too.

5. [+182, -11] Why does the media keep talking as if people are in favor of accepting refugees? There are 300,000 signatures petitioning against it on the Blue House petition board right now

6. [+138, -11] Whatever, he can do it all he wants if he takes the refugees into his own home ^^ It's fine for people like him to support refugees when he lives in high security apartments with bodyguards all the time. Why should we be the ones living side by side with refugees? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What's the point of this article?

7. [+118, -12] I'm against accepting refugees. Jung Woo Sung can do it with his own money and in his own home.

8. [+105, -5] Our own people need to live first

9. [+96, -9] Yes, he has every right to speak out on the issue but he can accept refugees in the comfort of his own home if he cares so much

10. [+73, -3] No is no. Look at all the other European countries who have taken in refugees. Even other Muslim countries aren't taking in refugees, why should Korea when we don't even share the same religion?

11. [+66, -5] He should search up on what's been happening to Germany, Sweden, Hungary, and England over these refugee issues before opening his mouth.

12. [+61, -3] The burden of these refugees should not be put on the rest of us just because he's involved in their charity. He's free to do volunteer work as he pleases but the issue of refugees is one that affects our society as a whole. As big of a fan as I am, I don't think this is right. Has he even studied on the effects of these problems?

13. [+58, -3] This ba$tard doesn't seem to realize the difference between giving a homeless man $10 and letting that homeless man into my own home


Instagram star Ki Eun Se is a Suzy lookalike?

Article: Ki Eun Se, "I have 400k followers, known as a Suzy lookalike"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+648, -44] ???????

2. [+390, -30] If you watch her YouTube, she does kind of look like her around the mouth area. She looks like a thinner version of Chae Jung Ahn and Suzy.

3. [+275, -33] She does kind of look like a taller version of Suzy

4. [+19, -13] There's a make up video of her covering Suzy and she really did look like her

5. [+18, -20] Am I the only one who thinks she's prettier than Suzy?

6. [+18, -19] I wouldn't say Suzy

7. [+15, -16] She's prettier than Suzy...;; look at these comments

8. [+11, -7] What the f*ck;;; as if that makes sense

9. [+11, -3] She looks like Chae Jung Ahn... she is pretty, I'll admit that. These screencaps don't capture that.

10. [+9, -2] She said her husband dumped her and she held on to him until he changed his mind. I wonder how rich he is for such a pretty woman to hang on to him even after getting dumped?

11. [+8, -1] Her face is a bit longer but yeah, their mouths look similar

12. [+8, -0] Chae Jung Ahn more than Suzy


Kim Hyun Joong to renew his contract with Key East

Article: [Exclusive] Kim Hyun Joong confirms contract renewal with Key East... releasing a new single in Japan early next month

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+987, -23] Even if he still has earning potential left, how could you still renew his contract?

2. [+876, -14] ㅋㅋ I guess they don't have much other talents to train to his level

3. [+680, -20] Does Japan not care about a star's character? At least they know he doesn't have a chance in Korea so they're sending him to Japan...

4. [+25, -0] Japan has a great concert culture so it's more profitable for the company to put out a few albums and put him on tour ㅋㅋ and the Japanese are super lenient when it comes to their male celebrities

5. [+24, -4] I'm surprised he's still profitable

6. [+20, -3] I remember in the past, Kim Hyun Joong used to be like the #2 or #3 Korean male celebrity in sales in Japan. Japanese fans are super loyal so even the most scandalous of Korean stars would make money there...

7. [+19, -4] They're probably going to promote him overseas than in Korea anyway...

8. [+19, -4] He's that infamous butthole killer?

9. [+17, -1] Think about it, Koreans have no problem liking Hollywood celebrities with problematic scandals too

10. [+15, -4] Either Key East is a saint or they don't care about business anymore

11. [+14, -1] Japanese fans have a tendency to stay loyal to their celebrities... no matter what scandal happens... It's one of the reasons they have such a large fanbase of older fans as well. Just look at Yonsama, they like him until now just off of one drama ike 'Winter Sonata'...

12. [+8, -0] He's still popular overseas so I guess they still have something to milk


Oh Jong Hyuk promotes petition to ban dog and cat meat consumption

Article: Oh Jong Hyuk encourages participation in banning dog and cat meat consumption "This issue needs attention"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,499, -128] There are more dogs that are being abandoned than eaten..

2. [+1,181, -268] I wonder what people who have mini pigs as pets will say when we try to ban pork consumption?? I bet you they'd throw a fit

3. [+1,086, -253] The same people signing the petition will go out the same night to have a pork and beef party

4. [+70, -18] 800 million chickens are consumed a year... what are his thoughts on that?

5. [+66, -26] Then what about the chickens, pigs, and cows that are being sacrificed every day?

6. [+60, -23] People who support this type of stuff only consider the 'cute' animals to be worth saving

7. [+44, -19] Aren't we free to eat what we want? I swear, it's always the ones who have no problem eating chicken, beef, and pork that defend dogs over this

8. [+43, -27] Fighting!! He's not forcing anyone, he's just asking those who are interested to participate if they care~ This petition is not only about banning dog and cat meat consumption but also fixing the laws on illegal dog meat farms and puppy/cat mills as well as abandoned animals... This is just the start of trying to solve all these issues. Please take an interest and sign it.

9. [+38, -23] I feel like only vegans should be allowed to petition for this stuff. It's pathetic to see people who have no problem eating pork and chicken act like this.

10. [+29, -22] I hate kids like him. I'd understand if it was a vegetarian like Lee Hyori taking a stance like this, but I wonder how much chicken breasts he consumed all this time to bulk up... At least ask for reform on how these dogs and cats are slaughtered so that it's done in less painful ways... don't just start off by banning the whole thing ㅡㅡ