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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Should e-sports gamers be given the same army exemptions as professional athletes?

Article: Faker expresses opinions on e-sports athletes having to serve in the army

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+273] Information for you all: Faker only graduated up to junior high school (dropped out of high school) so he can't serve active duty anyway

2. [+162] I don't think they should serve

3. [+108] I'll serve twice on behalf of Faker

4. [+105] I honestly think it's the people who've already served who think everyone else should because it's not fair. From my experience serving, not serving saves a lot of your time ㅋㅋㅋ If you don't want to serve, start working on your talents that can be of help to the country too

5. [+178] Faker isn't saying that pro-gamers deserve to be granted exemptions from the army. He's simply saying that pro-gamers should be given the same treatment as other sports athletes. If other sports athletes get to earn exemptions for winning medals in the Olympics, then gamers should be able to get exemptions from winning tournaments too. 

6. [+40] Athletes competing in the Olympics, Asian Games, World Cup, etc are all granted exemptions should they win #1 so e-sports players should be given the same perks

7. [+6] I guess the argument we need to first start with is whether gaming can be considered a sport or not

8. [+4] The Korean army is not going to fall apart just because Faker doesn't serve. Same goes for BTS.

9. [+2] I'm just against the exemption system in general, regardless of whether you won a gold medal or not. Just get rid of it entirely instead of having to come up with new exemptions like this.


BtoB's Minhyuk and TXT's Soobin are doppelgangers

Article: BtoB's Lee Minhyuk and TXT's Soobin are lookalikes to the next degree

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+105] Huh? They're not the same person?

2. [+93] There's a 10 year age gap between them, too... vampire Lee Minhyuk 😂

3. [+66] So I wasn't the only one who thought that... I was confused who was who when I saw this on Instagram yesterday

4. [+19] Hul, they really look like hyung and dongsaeng when they're expression-less

5. [+9] I'm confused with who's who

6. [+10] How is Lee Minhyuk 31 years old, he holds ihs ground next to a dongsaeng 10 years younger...

7. [+2] They practically look the same 🤣


Aespa's Karina impresses with her tall proportions

Article: Mysteriously pretty, Aespa's Karina is bringing in all the fans with her '10 head' proportions

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+180] Why does it feel like this group is getting so much media play

2. [+117] Yeah, but her character

3. [+110] Plagiarism-pa

4. [+80] There probably isn't any other group with as much controversies as this one before debut

5. [+78] Too much media play

6. [+64] Is the media being paid to write all this? Why is Aespa being hyped so much. They're under controversy for plagiarizing their 'Inkigayo' stage along with their music video, the members all have dirty pasts.. stop whining about lawsuits and start by apologizing

7. [+41] Don't care

8. [+15] ... Honestly, I don't see any charm in them that I would expect from a large company like SM. But they're getting a ton of news coverage. I guess a lot of money is being spent on them.

9. [+10] The plagiarism controversies are pretty bad... but SM hasn't been clarifying any of the rumors and controversies surrounding each of the members, so of course people are going to react negatively to the group when all they're doing is threatening lawsuits.

10. [+20] Sentiment is getting worse and worse against them...


Friday, November 27, 2020

'K-Pop Star' Hanbyul leaves YG to find a fresh start after dashed hopes of debut

 Article: 'K-Pop Star' Hanbyul shows talents on Mnet's 'Captain' after leaving YG without a debut despite praise from Yang Hyun Suk

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+330] And the person who picked her is standing in court today

2. [+129] Hanbyul-ah, find strength!

3. [+97] There are so many kids these days who don't get to debut after 5-6 years of training... too many talented kids 

4. [+37] I thought this was Lee Hi for a moment...

5. [+27] Hope that her career isn't harmed because of her CEO

6. [+12] YG just loves taking in talented kids and leaving them to be nothing

7. [+4] Isn't she a dancer?!

8. [+4] Ah~ha I remember her


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Former U-KISS member Eli announces divorce from wife of 6 years

Article: Eli announces 'divorce' with wife Ji Yeon Soo

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+345] I'm sure they both worked ahrd on their marriage. Having gotten married myself, I realize that it's no easy task. No one will know the true reason for their divorce other than those two. Not even parents and siblings can guess it.

2. [+36] What's the point in announcing this?

3. [+36] So what? Who are they? 

4. [+34] Yeah but who's Eli;; I bet Illaoi is more famous than this guy;;

5. [+10] Nugu?

6. [+8] And who.. is this?

7. [+4] (Didn't another U-KISS member get a divorce too?)

8. [+5] And who cares

9. [+4] Didn't he retire from the industry? Why is he making a public announcement?

10. [+3] I don't know.. either of them...