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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yang Hyun Suk reveals 2NE1 comeback is not in the works, Park Bom reflection first

Article: Yang Hyun Suk, "Not planning 2NE1's new song yet, Park Bom needs time off for reflection"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+368, -14] She should be in jail, not reflecting ㅡㅡ

2. [+308, -18] I bet it's more because of CL's American debut than because of Park Bom's reflection period ㅋㅋ Once CL fails in America and comes back to Korea, 2NE1 will have a comeback right away I bet

3. [+269, -19] Hyun Suk-ah! Why don't you take time off for reflection too? For always covering up known crimes and lying about things you know will be found out anyway.

4. [+26, -5] Why no talk of G-Dragon's reflection?

5. [+24, -1] Didn't he say she didn't do anything wrong? Why is she reflecting then? Just because she's not releasing albums and going on TV doesn't mean she's reflecting when she's still making money at concerts and overseas promos.

6. [+22, -3] Then Big Bang?

7. [+17, -0] People right now: Park Bom needs to reflect. When 2NE1 comes back: Wow, this song is great *wins #1 on Music Core* -> this is what he wants to happen

8. [+16, -2] I don't think reflection's the answer. In the current situation, it'd be better to just take her out and start a new team...

9. [+12, -0] For someone who recognizes that she needs reflection, he puts her out to perform at a concert when her scandal was at its peak? ㅋㅋ Why is he now talking about reflection


60% of unmarried women don't see marriage as a necessity

Article: 60% of unmarried women "Don't need to get married"

Source: Korean Econ via Nate

1. [+1,671, -99] It's not that unmarried women are deliberately not wanting to get married... they're just worried about themselves and their future, why add marriage and babies on top of that? There's no security in employment in our society. Instead of passing on poverty to a future generation, some would rather just enjoy their lives alone. It's actually a fantastic decision especially in a generation that's as selfish as ours~

2. [+1,423, -209] It's true... marriage isn't a necessity... and you can go out and sleep with people if you need sexual release

3. [+1,326, -140] Marriage is a choice, why are people demanding it!!! Women should not be responsible for the country's marriage and birthrate. Marriage should only happen if you meet someone you love and want to have a child who resembles you together to raise with love and care.

4. [+250, -43] Well when you look at the affair rates of Korean married men..............

5. [+248, -26] Why would women want to get married when they can make money on their own and live just fine? ㅋㅋ You get married and the only thing you get out of it is being treated like a housemaid when you have to go to the man's family on holidays.

6. [+243, -20] Out of all the married women around me, not one of them tells me to get married ㅋㅋㅋ it's only the men ㅋㅋㅋ It's true that men get more satisfaction out of marriage in Korea than women do

7. [+201, -16] I'm a man and I don't think women should get married. If they can provide for themselves, just live on your own freely. Go on dates with young hot men, go on vacation to Europe, live a good life. I've rarely seen a married woman live a happy, free life nowadays.

8. [+143, -19] A woman loses more in a marriage


[Pann] iKON would be as scandalous as T-ara if they were a girl group?

Pann: If iKON was a girl group, they'd be exiled to the point of T-ara

"iKON fans shield this scene saying it was a joke but the kid whose hat flies away looks really upset about it. BI's sitting there with a cocky facial expression and looking like he's better than all of them. And if it really was a joke, why does the guy next to them look so uncomfortable out it? ㅋㅋ"

1. [+782, -48] The kid getting hit is named Jung Chanwoo and he has 0 seconds of parts in the title track 'Rhythm Ta'... feel really bad for him. By the way, BI (the kid who hit him) is the one who distributed the parts for that song.

2. [+626, -33] I thought it must hurt in the first gif then went huk at the second gif because you can see how upset he is in his facial expression... I feel so bad for the kid getting hit. Who's even hitting him? How can you be like that to your own team member?

3. [+601, -33] 100% genuine. He wouldn't be making that face if it was a joke at all.

4. [+345, -11] Bobby is even worse in that scene afterwards. He gave a piece of meat to BI for hitting Chanwoo.

5. [+298, -5] Guys absolutely hate it when people hit their heads, it really makes you feel like crap. I don't think the girls in this pann get it... sure guys joke around a lot but that doesn't mean the other person doesn't have a right to be upset. They just can't get mad about it because they know it was "just a joke". I don't know who that guy's name is but wow.. you can tell just by his face that he's upset.

6. [+283, -30] Ugh, makes me cringe... what do you expect out of a son from that father

7. [+283, -5] If a female idol group had done this, the entire Pann would be filled with nothing but their posts

8. [+247, -13] BI's voice and character seem to be both disgusting ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+235, -2] I've seen tons of my male classmates at school hit each other and fool around but you can tell that he hit him out of malice and the person getting hit is upset about it too. This looks like a scene just seconds away from erupting into a fight in my classroom.

10. [+186, -4] If these gifs were of a female idol, it'd be on the real time search rankings immediately ㅋ


iKON's Bobby clarifies his idol disses, Yang Hyun Suk claims he doesn't have favoritism

Article: "Just meant let's all do well together"... Bobby's thoughts on idol diss rap

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+433, -59] He's just another pathetic idol himself but does he think he's some artist now that he's riding on YG's back? ㅋㅋ

2. [+403, -40] Whatever his intentions were, he's no where near the status to be dissing other idols

3. [+393, -54] Why is it that all the YG bas*ards are such tryhards tsk tsk

4. [+54, -1] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What we're trying to say is that you're not even at the status to be saying "let's all do..." anything

5. [+41, -11] Do you not think that you should worry about yourself before putting down others?

6. [+40, -7] I like how he dissed others but now that he's debuting, he acts like he's supporting them ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+38, -8] Whether he meant "let's all do well" or not... he as a rookie basically dissed his seniors with his title track. Idol rappers nowadays are usually from underground. He's in no position as a rookie idol to be making any remarks on them.

8. [+36, -8] What I find funny about him is that he doesn't hate on kids like EXO's Sehun. Why? Is he afraid of EXO fans? He's such a tryhard ㅡㅡ Bas*ard hasn't even debuted yet

9. [+33, -2] "And when asked if there was a reason why he targeted BTS and VIXX, Bobby hesitated with responding and looked towards Yang Hyun Suk for help. He looked scared on how to respond to sensitive questions. Bobby wasn't able to provide an answer or clarification and handed the mic to Yang Hyun Suk." --> He shouldn't be writing disses or acting tryhard if he's going to act like this. Tsk tsk, pathetic.

10. [+31, -13] It's quite irresponsible of him to say that people shouldn't be so sensitive about an idol dissing another idol. He's not in any position to be doing that.


Article: Yang Hyun Suk, "I'm biased towards iKON more than Big Bang and Winner? A ridiculous misunderstanding"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+412, -35] Is this group not popular at all??? Why is Yang Hyun Suk talking so much about that?

2. [+407, -19] Stop with the media play. People who were never even interested in iKON are becoming their antis. Their fans will remain their fans even without this media play so you can stop making them more antis with these comparison articles. iKON suffered years for this so stop making them get hate with your stupid marketing.

3. [+394, -21] Yang Hyun Suk is talking so much

4. [+30, -3] So much dirty media play. What's wrong with you Yang CEO, you're getting so dirty and pathetic... so desperate to make iKON popular. YG used to be known for being a chill image but this totally shattered that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ disappointed in how pathetic you actually are

5. [+26, -3] For these past few weeks, there has not been a break in YG articles being put up on the ranks

6. [+24, -2] You can't deny that he's definitely pushing for iKON though. You can tell he wants to make them the second Big Bang now that Big Bang is older and has to serve in the army. He probably chose iKON as the group to take their baton.


Article: iKON's 'Show Time' a success... huge reports on top 6 Japanese media outlets

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+3,744, -890] Ah yes... amazing media play...

2. [+3,421, -687] This group isn't even a month into their debut yet but articles about them are on the main page every day

3. [+3,132, -703] Amazing YG media play

4. [+2,873, -639] Please stop with these iKON articles... there's a new iKON article up every few hours

5. [+899, -251] Still can't believe they media played about selling out a concert after giving out thousands of tickets for free

6. [+774, -168] This media play is going too far. Do they not know that this makes people dislike them? I heard their tickets didn't even sell? Please take a look at reality for once.

7. [+690, -162] How many articles about them have come up today... and I bet there will be another one in a few hours about them being on Inkigayo?

8. [+624, -165] Here the media play goes again, right from the early morning... I wonder how many articles we'll be getting all day long today?


Woman in Seungri's clubbing picture clarifies she was his interpreter

Article: Seungri, the Chinese woman he held hands with "Was there to help interpret" clarification

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3,463, -186] Anyone could tell that they weren't lovers

2. [+2,554, -151] Of all the things to clarify, how tiring being a celebrity must be

3. [+2,520, -164] You could tell just by how they were holding hands that they weren't lovers

4. [+2,199, -164] The woman must've felt frustrated

5. [+1,830, -110] The most pathetic thing in the world: worrying about celebrities, being a celebrity sasaeng

6. [+358, -21] And to add, Seungri didn't go to the club personally but as an after party after a Big Bang concert including the other members and staff. Even Big Bang fans were there. The articles made it sound like Seungri was caught playing with a girl at a club, tsk tsk...

7. [+309, -24] This woman clarified it on her SNS as soon as articles went up... but journalists will always distort the truth. Don't hate on this woman or Seungri.

8. [+299, -22] Who cares if an adult goes to a club anyway? Why is it cool if GDTOP go but Seungri going makes him a rebel?

9. [+226, -20] The club was for Big Bang's Taiwanese concert after party. Not like they were even squeezing hands together... please stop exaggerating everything.