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Friday, August 7, 2020

Sam Okyere apologizes in Korean for blackface backlash

Article: "I was careless" Sam Okyere, apologizes for backlash on racism controversy

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naver

1. [+5,970, -614] There's nothing more for you to learn, just go back to your home in Ghana. Koreans were nice to believe that your racist slanted eyes action was a mistake only for you to turn around and embarrass our education and incite terrible criticism over a small mistake like this. It makes me scared to think about what you'll say about Korea when you go back to your own country like a certain other Japanese professor we know.

2. [+4,092, -90] He really must think Koreans are fools ㅋㅋ he's claiming to not have known the 'teakpop' tag? Sure, let's say he really didn't... then why did he try to get his post known to K-Pop fans? ㅋ And why apologize so late? Why no explanation for his slanted eyes? He's only explaining what benefits him.

3. [+3,709, -51] Why is he not writing his apology in English? He had no problem writing his initial post in English to depict all of Koreans as racist, and even went as far as to delete comments that shared opinions different from his. If he writes his apology only in Korean, then this doesn't explain anything to the foreigners who have been following his posts. Does he really think this is a genuine apology?

4. [+2,056, -34] He knows the money's good here so it's gross that he's forcing himself to clean up his mess in case he loses his job. He really didn't know the meaning of 'teakpop'? Why hashtag it if he didn't?

5. [+2,008, -137] As if our country isn't a mess already, now we have foreigners trying to ridicule us

6. [+676, -10] He's a public figure. As if it wasn't bad enough that he exposed a bunch of high school students who were simply trying to parody a meme and left them up for all that hate, he then tried to make it seem like all Koreans are uneducated fools. He must think of Koreans so easily for him to do this. Whatever, go back to your country. How would you like it if we took all of your actions to represent Ghana and treated the Ghanaians like they are uneducated? You are the most famous Ghanaian in Korea but now you've ruined the image of your country here. Go back and I hope to never see you again.

7. [+565, -5] So he had no idea what 'teakpop' meant, then why doesn't he get that the students probably didn't know what blackface is either? Just go back to your country, please.

8. [+522, -9] I don't want to see him on TV anymore. He made all his money in Korea just to set up a school in Ghana, he has no gratitude for our country. These high school students were just partaking in their school's customs and he made them out to be racist fools to the world... Go back to your country now.


Article: Sam Okyere, "My expression of opinion crossed the line... I'm sorry"

Source: Korea Econ via Naver

1. [+980, -24] If you feel so victimized by this parody, then why were you slanting your eyes and being racist to Asians?

2. [+859, -18] He tagged all sorts of hashtags in his original post and wrote in English to reach a global audience to ruin the image of both our country and those students. Then he only posted up his apology in Korean like he was just trying to brush it under the rug. How can that be meaningful at all? Not only is it too late, it doesn't feel genuine either.

3. [+650, -11] The original meme himself congratulated the students on their graduation. Sam Okyere is not even the man in question so what did he find so problematic to be tagging K-Pop in his post when K-Pop has nothing to do with it? I understand that he's entitled to his personal opinions but he crossed the line big time. He needs to go back to his country.

4. [+329, -15] There's nothing more for you to learn here, just go back to Ghana

5. [+116, -1] What's funny is that he only wrote his post in Korean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he had no problem writing in both English and Korean when he was calling the students racist so why is the apology written only in Korean? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he's embarrassed to face the foreigners with it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just go back to Ghana instead of getting more hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Article: Sam Okyere hit with backlash over talks of racism, an apology within a day "I was careless"

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+730, -21] It's funny how black people will foam at the mouth when someone does a funny parody of themselves but then have no problem slanting their eyes and being racist towards Asians

2. [+348, -3] He already hashtagged all sorts of English tags and got them all that hate... a Korean apology has no meaning this late. There's nothing genuine about it.

3. [+319, -15] Would Sam Okyere be given an opportunity on TV at all if he wasn't black? He made all his money and enough to build a school in Ghana thanks to that fact so why is he repaying us like this?

4. [+264, -30] It's too late, it's over for you. I'll change the channel if I see you on TV anymore. I'm tired of seeing foreigners on TV anyway. Don't want to see you on TV.

5. [+57, -0] Hated on them in English and Korean but the apology is only in Korean? What's he trying to say? "Hey Koreans, here's my apology so screw off now"?


Article: Original 'coffin dance' leader posts Uijeongbu High picture "congratulations on your graduation"

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1,275, -13] This would've never been an issue if everyone just laughed about it like this man

2. [+563, -18] The man himself said it was fine! Sam Okyere, who are you to hate on these kids? And to put up an excuse instead of an apology, tsk tsk. You dare criticize our country's education? Ridiculous... The man of the meme himself is congratulating them!

3. [+206, -3] Well this puts Sam Okyere in a sticky position...

4. [+175, -13] This makes it very weird for Sam Okyere. The fact that he tried to turn this into a racism issue... was because he was already looking down on those students to begin with.

5. [+79, -3] I bet you Sam Okyere is going to start hating on Korea when he goes back to his country. He doesn't seem to understand that the students were parodying a specific person, not a race. Instead, he set out to put down Korean education, K-Pop... all to victimize himself? Just go back to your country. He's the one who was caught doing the slanted eyes last time. If he looks down on Asians so much, why is he trying to stick around here?


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Mukbanger Tzuyang quits YouTube over ads controversy

Article: 'Best mukbanger' Tzuyang has quit... YouTube's 'ad controversy' grows into chaos

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

1. [+2,468, -59] At least Tzuyang seems to have some shame left~~ that Yangpang or whatever her name is is really holding on with a death grip~~ but I guess it's hard to quit once you've got a taste of the money~~

2. [+1,121, -27] Moon Boki is the most shameless

3. [+513, -69] Whatever ㅋㅋ She's already made enough money where she'll be fine without having to work for the rest of her life ㅋㅋ

4. [+415, -58] Mukbangers who got paid to advertise products while pretending like they weren't are all scammers. She better not be faking this retirement and planning on returning once things quiet down. Tzuyang, Yangpang, the majority of them all got paid to showcase ads and make a joke out of their subscribers.

5. [+182, -0] Han Hye Yeon is really the one who kicked off this whole scandal on YouTube

6. [+115, -1] I've noticed that Moon Jung Won has only been uploading pictures of flowers and food ㅋㅋ she's definitely reading the room

7. [+106, -24] At least Tzuyang has enough shame to own up to her mistake and apologize for it. She's even quitting her career. I've enjoyed watching her mukbangs all this time and she worked hard on them too. If she does ever return, I'll be here to support her.

8. [+59, -2] Yangpang is the worst one. She complained about buying something to eat for 80,000 won of her own money and made a big fuss about it but it ended up being a sponsored product ㅎ which she later deleted.

9. [+29, -1] Han Hye Yeon and Kang Minkyung are quite shameless. They really thought they'd never get caught. Han Hye Yeon was so brazen with her lies too, talking about how hard it was for her to find a certain product to buy for herself.

10. [+25, -0] The only mistake Tzuyang made was in the beginning of her career when she didn't know anything. She's been donating money ever since and I truly believe that she had no ill intentions!!!! The true evil here is Yangpang. She lies every time she opens her mouth.


CCTV of Im Seulong's car accident leads to questions of fault

Article: "To say there is no fault..." Im Seulong's CCTV video creates suspicion

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

CCTV footage showed male 'A' stepping onto the street to jaywalk before he was hit by Im Seulong's car two seconds later. A could be seen discovering the approaching car and running to avoid it, which caused netizens to question, "It's not like the pedestrian popped out of no where, there's a big chance that Im Seulong wasn't watching the road", "the car looked to be at a high speed, he should've slowed down since pedestrians take priority on the road", while others defended, "It's hard to see until you're right up against something on rainy days", "The pedestrian's at fault for not checking the roads on a rainy day before jaywalking".

1. [+8,857, -639] I have no intention of defending Im Seulong at all. I'm just a man in my 50s, but I want to point out that it's illegal in the first place for that pedestrian to be crossing the road on a red light. What could the driver do in that situation? If you're really going to fault the driver in this scenario, you need to overhaul the entire traffic law book.

2. [+5,201, -237] The pedestrian should've never crossed at a red light in the first place... It's not the driver's fault in this situation. If it is, then what's the point of traffic lights? I've noticed that the elderly do a ton of jaywalking and think of accidents as an insurance grab opportunity. If Im Seulong wasn't drunk, this wasn't his fault at all.

3. [+2,903, -128] It doesn't matter if he was speeding or not paying attention to the road, the first step of the fault lies with the jaywalker for doing something illegal, no?? It's unfortunate that he passed away but I feel bad for the driver as well.

4. [+1,833, -146] It feels a bit wrong to blame him for poor attention when it was raining heavily...

5. [+1,310, -122] Even if the driver was going slowly, he couldn't have avoided this. It was dark and raining and the pedestrian was wearing black clothes with an umbrella while crossing at a red light. May the deceased rest in peace.

6. [+335, -8] Jaywalking while wearing black at 11:50 pm on a rainy night, that's insanity

7. [+296, -22] The fault is with the pedestrian. You can't see in the rain. You can barely make out the dividing lines.

8. [+277, -12] There would be no point in traffic lights if drivers were allowed to be blamed for accidents or deaths caused by jaywalking. The first fault here is jaywalking.


Sam Okyere speaks out about Uijeongbu High's blackface parody

Article: Uijeongbu High's coffin dance blackface controversy... Sam Okyere "It's offensive"

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naver

1. [+9,189, -800] I mean, the intention was never to make fun of the dance. It was just a meme that they parodied for their graduation photos. I'm amazed that this has become so controversial.

2. [+4,662, -487] In his English post, Okyere talks about how he needs to "educate" the Koreans enough to understand that this is racist but who you are you to educate the Koreans or not?

3. [+2,297, -157] Then are people who do whiteface racist against white people?

4. [+2,193, -467] Just go back to your country

5. [+1,524, -107] Sam clearly doesn't want to see this as just a parody

6. [+1,422, -20] Sam was wrong to put the faces of these kids up on his account with 1.9 million followers and direct all the criticism towards them. The only thing the kids did wrong is that they didn't know what blackface is but now he's cemented them on the internet and made everyone think that Koreans are racist. It's ridiculous. There was never the intention to put down black people. It was just a cosplay that I heard even the people of the meme are enjoying.

7. [+611, -11] Sam Okyere is actually putting down Koreans with his English post, talking about how it's difficult to educate Koreans or whatever. Then go back to Ghana.

8. [+609, -15] Meanwhile black people are super racist to Asians too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+498, -7] What's funny is that the coffin dance leader posted a thank you note on Instagram for parodying him


Source: Naver

1. [+4,048, -314] The man of the meme himself said it was okay but Sam Okyere is the one making a fuss, putting up the faces of these children right on his Instagram too ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2,962, -317] Objectively speaking, Okyere is overreacting ㅋ

3. [+2,264, -112] At this rate... is wearing blonde wigs racist too?! This was such a hit meme and the kids parodied it as is... the fact that people are trying to push them as racists just makes me question their own preconceived bias about the color of skin.

4. [+1,327, -310] Maybe this is the same thing as others slanting their eyes? I can see how it'd be offensive if someone tried to cosplay as Asian by painting their skin yellow.

5. [+1,043, -124] I saw the coffin dance on TV not too long ago and laughed along at how their custom was to laugh at funerals. I think the students just wanted to copy along. It's an overreaction to push them as racists and find offense to it~

6. [+621, -22] Remember when Okyere slanted his eyes on 'Abnormal Summit'?

'[Exclusive] Sam Okyere criticizes 'black parody' while he himself was under controversy for 'slanted eyes'

7. [+529, -24] It's not like the kids painted their faces completely black to specifically put black people down. It's obvious they attempted to cosplay to look as similarly to the meme as possible. I honestly don't understand why this is problematic. Even the meme himself said this was funny. Is it still racist when people paint themselves white to parody white people?

8. [+455, -33] The intention is what's important here... these kids didn't put on this costume to put down black people...


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

BTS introduces Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold2

Article: BTS introduces the new Galaxy Z Fold 2

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+574, -32] Whether they're promoting LG or Samsung products, who cares... they're promoting Korean products in the end. Who cares if their real phones are iPhones or Samsungs? Samsung will receive the benefit of being promoted by a world famous idol group. BTS will be paid appropriately for their contribution. The economy is bad enough as it is due to the virus, why not get some more Korean cellphone sales thanks to BTS?

2. [+441, -37] What's so wrong about BTS promoting another company after their contract with LG ended...? How is that immoral? People will buy what they want to buy, and plenty of other celebrities hop brands too. Why such harsh standards only for BTS... ㅋ

3. [+358, -20] Wishing success for both BTS and the Galaxy~~

4. [+36, -8] There was another celebrity who was a UNIQLO model for several years before swapping to a competitor's brand as soon as their contract was over but they were praised for being a patriot, right? The double standards~!!!

5. [+34, -7] No better effect than BTS for promoting to the foreigners~ They're one of the most popular groups in the world... It's sad that Koreans are so busy trying to take them down.. sigh. Good luck to both Samsung and BTS~

6. [+25, -7] Do people also find issue with Jun Ji Hyun promoting one make up brand and then another after that contract? Why is that okay but BTS is getting criticized for the same thing?

7. [+25, -30] Weren't they promoting an LG phone last year? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get that the money's good but let's at least have some ethics ㅋㅋ

8. [+23, -9] There's no rule saying you have to use the product that you promote ㅋ Is Jo Jung Suk only allowed to eat Dongwon tuna? Is Baek Jong Won only allowed to eat Jin bibimmyeon? What's so wrong about a global group like BTS promoting a Korean product? That'll help with the sales and Samsung will pay more taxes and it'll all help us in the end~

9. [+22, -18] It's so stupid how they personally use iPhones but they're constantly promoting LG and Samsung phones. It's hilarious how they'll delete a post they wrote on their iPhones and rewrite it from their Androids ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+13, -24] But they use iPhones ㅋㅋ