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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Yang Hyun Suk and Yang Min Suk sell shares to Big Hit for 15 billion won

Article: Former YG CEOs Yang Hyun Suk brothers to sell stake to Big Hit and earn 15 billion won

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+222] Soo Man-ssi, please protect SM

2. [+100] Soo Man-ssi, protect Lysn

3. [+69] I understand that some young kids are worried in here because they're fans and all but Big Hit has no guarantee that BTS will always be working with them and it's difficult for entertainment companies in general to maintain group popularities over a long time. That's why they're distributing investments into other companies and garnering more shares~

4. [+70] F*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's hilarious to me seeing all the comments acting like they know better about business dealings than Bang Shi Hyuk

5. [+49] Why are people calling this betrayal and a waste of money? Do you guys not know how businesses work?

6. [+20] Why is Bang Shi Hyuk being like this ㅡㅡ

7. [+22] I wish Yang Hyun Suk would just sell all his shares and quietly retire from the industry for good

8. [+14] Big Hit's crazy

9. [+9] BTS debuted saying Big Bang were their role models... and now he owns a stake in Big Bang's agency..

10. [+5] So this is why Big Hit stock has been on the rise these few days ㅠㅠ


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+105] Are they not thinking of the fans? ㅠㅠㅠ How can you put two competing groups on one ship, what are we supposed to do? The two fandoms already have a bad relationship as it is

2. [+172] Big Hit is so damn addicted to investing right now...

3. [+68] YG and Big Hit both need to wake up

4. [+8] I guess stocks will go up well if they keep this up

5. [+266] YG Plus is a distribution company, not an entertainment company. They will basically be in charge of producing and distributing Big Hit's albums and digital music. Not sure why people are saying that this lowers YG's class or calling it some kind of merger when it's not 😭

6. [+64] It just feels like... Big Hit isn't focusing on growing their own talent and so they're just instead giving money to YG to lessen their own risk.. either way, it's a win win for both agencies, no?

7. [+14] Can Big Hit please just stop already

8. [+15] Why is Big Hit being like this, tsk tsk. They're so greedy right now, they're selling water and investing in a misogynist company like this, tsk tsk

9. [+1] Aigoo, aigoo, getting involved with a company I'd rather never speak about ^^~!


Article: 'Naver' V-Live + Big Hit 'Weverse',  how are fans reacting?

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+110] I wish Big Hit would knock it off ^^

2. [+80] All of the fan reactions in the article are fake ^^ Twitter actually went crazy at hearing that Lysn would go away and hit #1 ^^

3. [+66] I wish someone would take away BTS from Big Hit. They wouldn't even have any money to be making these investments if not for them

4. [+44] #SM_protect_lysn

5. [+27] Please, Hit, stop this, wasn't the bakery enough? Please stop this

6. [+20] I'll die if Lysn goes away and SM goes into Weverse #SM_protect_lysn

7. [+9] Oh f*ck, stop it already

8. [+11] No, I hate this, stop;

9. [+6] Big Hit? More like Small Hit

10. [+6] Big Hit, please stop...


Actor Cho Seung Woo adopts dog from euthanasia list

Article: Alone in the shelter for over four months, dog #50... living a happy life now with Cho Seung Woo

Source: Seoul News via Naver

1. [+2,239, -2] A responsible dog owner~~ very cool~~

2. [+1,273, -9] Cho Seung Woo always proves to be an actor of class

3. [+967, -74] This article seems like a jab at Park Eun Suk and his animal hoarding ways

4. [+464, -11] Difficult not to compare to a certain someone... Cho Seung Woo is showing an example of responsibility. I hope he lives a long and happy life.

5. [+273, -12] How is he so cute? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His ears are so uniquely positioned ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+176, -0] They say you only need to see one to know 10 about a person. I always thought Cho Seung Woo was just a good actor but he seems to be an amazing human being as well to adopt not one of those toy-like pretty puppies but an older abandoned animal. I'm sure he'll be a good example to others who think that pets are just accessories.

7. [+117, -2] But will Park Eun Suk learn anything from this? He's probably sitting in the back and swearing about how he got unlucky by getting caught. After all, he's the one who thought all of the people who thought his actions as problematic as simply 'jealous people jumping on the bandwagon to hate on him'..

8. [+110, -4] This article really does make me think of a certain someone ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ only adopts purebreds, all those excuses just to abandon them in the end. Dogs never forget their owners but he was more preoccupied with the now, with wanting to look cute... Humans always disgust me.

9. [+96, -2] As someone living with two 18 year old dogs myself, I love seeing news like this. If you love dogs, take care of them until the end. They're family. This is more heartwarming to read especially after news of a certain actor these days.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ailee says "happiness is all that matters" to unsolicited comments about her diet

Article: Ailee's reaction to a comment saying "you'll gain weight" while she's eating a late night treat

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+278] No one has the right to talk about diets in front of Ailee

2. [+264] How is what she's eating fattening? It's shrimp with barely any noodles in the dish ㅋㅋ

3. [+215] I feel like people who point stuff like that out are the ones who are fat... ㅋ

4. [+145] I hate when you're eating something and people are talking about weight gain or the food being fattening... Ailee is pretty even when she does gain weight and she's skinny in real life too

5. [+112] Who cares if someone else is fat or not... as long as everyone is happy

6. [+63] I think she could push the image of being Korea's Adele

7. [+46] Tired of people overstepping boundaries. What do you know if that's her first meal of the day or the sixth?

8. [+41] Ailee, do whatever you want, you're the best 👏❤️

9. [+26] I wish people would stop upholding others to such strict standards. You need both mental and physical happiness to live a good life. A word you spat out without thinking could bruise someone else's heart.

10. [+9] I love Ailee even when she does gain weight 😭😭 so don't worry about it ❤️❤️


BtoB's Seo Eunkwang apologizes for Lee Changseob's '7 hand gesture'

Article: "BtoB's full group is 6" Leader Seo Eunkwang posts apology over Lee Changseob's '7 gesture'

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+505] What is so wrong.. this just makes me upset

2. [+282] I wish people would just leave BtoB alone... The people who are suffering the most right now are BtoB.. why bother them even more? What did they do so wrong to deserve this?

3. [+277] I don't know why this is considered so problematic. Maybe he misses him.. Our poor leader has to deal with too much..

4. [+166] I think the gesture was just saying something like "let's try to remember the days of BtoB as 7 in our hearts". I'm mad that people just saw the 7 and started picking a fight when they're probably not even a real fan but a hater.

5. [+133] I think this is funny. How can you expect the members to just completely forget about someone they spent 10 years with? It's ridiculous that he's getting all this hate over one hand gesture. I hope that this is an opportunity to get rid of all the fakes. The people who have it harder than us are the actual members so please stop making it harder for them.

6. [+242] I can see why Seo Eunkwang is BtoB's leader now. Lee Changseob needs to start being more careful.

7. [+447] The member who did drugs has left the group but I'm sure the remaining members still feel a sense of friendship with him considering the amount of time they've spent together. So what if he did the 7 hand gesture? It's not like he's defending his drug use, I think it's something we can understand and overlook. People are just choosing to be uptight.

8. [+14] I used to like BtoB a lot, I'm so upset that they ended up like this ㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+204] I don't think he meant to defend a drug criminal. He just wanted to remind fans to leave the memories of being 7 members in their hearts. He said so on his own Instagram. Please stop accusing him of being no different from the criminal when you're not even a fan or you don't know all of the specifics.

10. [+150] Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changseob, Im Hyunsuk, Peniel, Yook Sungjae, and Melody.. that's 7 for you, are you all happy now?


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+1,061] Is this really something to get this much hate over.. How can we expect him to forget about someone so quickly when they spent 10 years together..? I think he's getting more hate than he deserves😢

2. [+708] I wonder how hard it was for him to write an apology like this twice..

3. [+697] I don't think missing a former member is anything worth getting hate over;

4. [+543] Old habits are hard to break. They spent so many years as 7 together, I think I'd be making mistakes adjusting too if all these changes just happened overnight. It feels wrong for people to criticize him for that. Can't you all just be more understanding?

5. [+474] Seo Eunkwang is working so hard. A leader isn't a job for everyone.

6. [+200] Everyone's trying to find strength, please stop the hate ㅠㅜ

7. [+63] I hope both Seo Eunkwang and Lee Changseob find strength, as well as the remaining members...

8. [+21] So what if he misses the member.. ㅜㅜ Koreans are so cruel. He's still someone he spent a lot of time with.. sigh, people are so close minded... ㅜㅜ


Actor Park Eun Suk admits it was wrong to rehome so many pets

"that is abandonment"

Article: Park Eun Suk clarifies that "pets have been rehomed to family and friends"... netizens fire back "but that's what abandonment is"

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

1. [+2,137, -76] I understand that personal issues come up and that you can rehome your pet to a friend... but to do it publicly four times? Not even once or twice or three times but four times? And all of them are purebreds from pet shops?? That is habitual abandonment. I'm amazed that people aren't seeing the root of the issue here.

2. [+1,287, -52] Actor Cho Seung Woo-nim lost his dog of 15 years and it took him months of deliberation before he could go and visit a pet shelter and adopt another dog at risk of euthanization... This is how you treat pets like family!! Please stop buying from pet shops and adopt!!

3. [+1,022, -60] He needs to stop raising animals. It's completely abnormal for one person to have gone through so many pets.

4. [+513, -24] I felt uneasy when I saw him bring out a 3-month-old retriever. I wondered why, when his career was at its busiest point, that he had chosen to adopt now... The fact that his pets have been rehomed to family and friends is no different from abandonment. Cats and dogs barely live 15 years... why adopt them at all if you're only going to raise them for a few months or years of it? People aren't hating just because you're popular right now. Change that mindset immediately. We're just really disappointed.

5. [+298, -44] Do you have no sense of responsibility?.. A life is not an accessory. You can't just get rid of it when you're bored... and you call yourself a public figure, tsk tsk.

6. [+174, -4] I understand that things come up in life but it's always the people who abandon their pets to family and friends who say it's better for the pet that it happened that way. Retrievers are big dogs that need a lot of attention and care from the fur to their joints.. I have a feeling that Park Eun Suk will have another "issue come up" in his life where he needs to rehome this one too.

7. [+145, -4] I don't know what he's done with his past pets to judge but... as a dog owner myself, he claims he adopted Molly at 1 month and she's 3 months now but still isn't potty trained, and he locked her up in a small fence once he couldn't handle her. He didn't even try to potty train her, just said her name in a loud voice whenever she made a mistake and fenced her up right away... This is exactly the pattern of people who abandon animals do... They fail to properly train their pets in the first two months and then give up and abandon them. Molly didn't even have one toy in the house...

8. [+134, -8] If you're ending up rehoming multiple pets to friends.. you need to stop. You're an animal hoarder. Pets are not props!!! This is so ridiculous!

9. [+124, -5] Wow, I'm actually shocked that there are some people in the comments who don't think this is a big deal ㅎ abandoning a pet not once but multiple times is a severe issue. Stop claiming that his college classmate just revealed all of this because he's jealous or that this shouldn't be a scandal because he rehomed them... wow.. I'm scared that I might actually know people who think like this in real life.

10. [+95, -1] I'm shocked that he doesn't seem to understand why he needs to clarify this and that what he's doing is wrong. People aren't criticizing him solely because he's a celebrity. We all understand that you can adopt a dog and run into unforeseen circumstances where you need to rehome it. But any normal person would not adopt again after that and yet he did. It's clear that he treats the lives of these pets like something that he can pick and choose at when he wants, an object that he can just give away. And yet for him to write a clarification saying that he rehomed them to friends and he knows that they're all doing fine so he doesn't see what the issue is?? He must've left his respect in the womb!


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,465] Rehoming your pets is still abandoning them. And we're not just talking about one or two pets but 6-8 that he rehomed over and over while adopting new pets again. I don't think he quite understands how problematic that is and that's why people are mad. A clarification is necessary, especially since he's a TV star now 😭😭

2. [+930] What more is there to clarify, though.. He already rehomed six? other dogs and cats, and he's raising new dogs and cats now... what more is there to clarify? You only need to see one aspect of a person to know 10 more. He's just reaping what he sowed now... I don't get why people keep bringing up that people are just jealous that he's so successful and trying to take him down.. but no, this was something that was going to haunt him at any point in his career.

3. [+850] I read his clarification and he talked about how he rehomed his pet because he was living in a basement apartment and couldn't afford better living conditions. Then why did you adopt them in the first place? That's still abandonment. There are tons of cats and dogs in shelters who were abandoned for that very reason. And people keep trying to give him a pass for being a celebrity but he deserves all the criticism he's getting for buying and throwing away lives just for his comfort. You know what's harder than the life of a celebrity? The animals who are thrown away at the hands of such people.

4. [+705] When he first said on 'I Live Alone' that his dog is 3 months old, I immediately wondered if he only adopted her for the sake of the show. I was worried about what he planned to do with her once his guesting was over... it's amazing how my concerns turned into reality.

5. [+547] "People are pouncing now" I don't think that's a proper way to phrase your scandal

6. [+385] "People are pouncing now" no, you have it wrong. You weren't popular enough back then for people to care or find out but you're popular now and people are taking an interest. Please don't talk as if everyone is a jealous hater out to get anyone more successful than them. You need to realize that you rehoming your pets to friends still counts as abandoning them. Your choice of vocabulary leaves me with deep disappointment...

7. [+282] He's going to end his career with all this awkward wording. Rehoming one or two pets is already problematic but he's rehomed even 4-5 more. Even fans who've known him since his theater days found that problematic. And I don't get why his clarification is so aggressive when he's the one who's in the wrong for adopting all those animals and failing to take responsibility for them? You don't deserve any good fortune for what you did.

8. [+159] Fine, let's agree that rehoming is not abandonment. Then you shouldn't have adopted more animals after that... What's your game plan here? Adopt animals when you have free time, give them away to friends when you don't? Rinse and repeat?? It makes no sense that rehoming isn't abandonment because it is.