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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 SBS Drama Awards: Son Hyun Joo wins daesang

Article: Son Hyun Joo, SBS Drama Awards... 'best award' in 22 years of his career

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+830, -14] Son Hyun Joo's award speech... really touched my heart. The line where he said the drama had no idols...

2. [+710, -9] The Chaser was the best drama of 2012. The level of concentration was too high to be considered a drama. There was not a day where I didn't cry watching it. Son Hyun Joo's acting was breathtaking in The Chaser. My most sincerest congratulations on him winning daesang./

3. [+688, -14] His award speech was amazing. There were no idols, no stars, just true talented actors. It was the best drama of the year. Thank you.



  1. i love his acting! so charismatic and effective. The Chaser is a great drama.I sobbed like a baby watching it.

  2. I looked up The Chaser after hearing about his win and the drama synopsis sounds really intriguing.

    Even though I'm a fan of an idol actor, I liked SHJ's award speech. Some idols might be good for a drama's export value but there should be a balance between business and the craft of telling a compelling story with good actors and good writing.

  3. i'm dying to know what he said about there be no idol in his show

  4. i love you, sbs. what a fair result. please invest more on drama like this instead of those cg-fied fusion sageuk. son hyunjoo is truly awesome. congrats!

  5. i think what he's trying to say is that the chaser has no idol/hallyu star, which is almost every drama's recipe now to guarantee overseas sales, so they have a rather stumbly step. admist a those temptations to hire young stars to attract fans, the staffs kept casting those who have capabilities to play the roles, not those with wide fans. this drama initially had low rating, but got higher in the later episodes, thanks to the awesome directing, script, nad of course -- acting. it's not wrong for idols to act, but it's *wrong* to just pick casts based on their popularity only, without taking note of their capabilities to pull their roles.

  6. thank you for the replay, and i total agree with him : D

  7. The Chaser was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. SO FREAKING AWESOME. I'm happy that it won recognition and I'm happy that the production staff decided to not use idols in the drama and chose instead to use actors who had earned their stripes.

    I love Yoochun, Jaejoong, TOP, and other idols as much as the next person but this drama would've been totally ruined if an idol were in it.

  8. The chaser is so damn underrated.. I love sbs give him the daesang.. So deserved! thank you sbs.. Yoo bang (LBS) should get top excellence.. just like Yeochi (JRW) got hers.. ^^ Congrats..