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Monday, September 16, 2019

Baek Ah Yeon also leaves JYP

Article: Baek Ah Yeon, leaving JYP? ambiguous SNS message 'goodbye'

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+662, -31] I doubt JYP would want to hold her back

2. [+560, -23] It's great that JYP has all these healthy farewells and all but it's sad that they aren't able to do much with all these talents that they discover. All of these artists that have been with them for a long time never had any explosive careers or anything... so it's disappointing for the fans. A lot of their R&B and ballad singers could've had bigger careers elsewhere.

3. [+464, -54] I can't stand people who post messages like this on SNS. Then their friends always comment "hey, what's going on?" and they're like "I'll tell you later ㅜㅜ I'm so mad"

4. [+74, -6] SM never wanted her and if she had gone to YG, she would've ended up like Lee Hi. At least JYP put out albums for her. Not much they can do when she doesn't have any more charm to back it up.

5. [+57, -3] She has good songs but her father is practically a thug with the stuff he's done so I'm not fond of her

6. [+49, -4] Big agencies are all about the idols, and if you don't have any worth as a product, they won't care as much about you. At least she used JYP to get her name out there because she really doesn't have any product worth on her own.

7. [+40, -6] Even if she leaves JYP now, I don't think there's any agency that will support her. She should focus on finding a song that brings out her best.

8. [+31, -8] Posts like this on SNS are so cringe to me... I'm just like "why??";;;

9. [+22, -7] JYP is so disgustingly slow with supporting their singers. Baek Yein and Bae Ah Yeon both hit #1 on digital charts so they could both have been supported better but they'll throw anyone out who doesn't make them money. Isn't Park Jin Young embarrassed to act like he's such a lover of music on audition shows?

10. [+19, -0] Let's be real, she would've been cut from her audition and probably never became a singer if not for Park Jin Young. She owes him everything. People seem to think that just because they were quiet with JYP means that their careers will take off with other agencies but she's someone who would've never gotten anywhere to begin with without JYP.



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