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Monday, September 16, 2019

Former Brave Girls member BJ Seoah denies doing cam work

Article: "I've never stripped on cam" Former Brave Girls member BJ Seoah clarifies various rumors

Source: SBS fuNE via Naver

1. [+3,963, -38] Can we please stop putting online streamers in the news

2. [+1,427, -15] There's another BJ with the same name as her and she's the one who does cam work

3. [+1,281, -352] Well T-ara's Jiyeon was stripping in her teens on Haduri cam and her career's doing just fine~~

4. [+503, -20] Yeah, it's a different Seoah

5. [+480, -19] She's a former Brave Girls member..? Didn't know...

6. [+152, -7] It's like someone pinched her nose in

7. [+234, -111] She's already looking like a cam girl

8. [+122, -26] She's practically a cam girl already..??

9. [+107, -12] You don't have to be naked to be considered a cam girl. Does she really think she'd be proud to show her future partner and children videos of herself reacting to men donating money while dressed like this? Is she trying to pass a stigma to cam girls while claiming that she herself is clean? I actually have more respect for cam girls who are at least doing something to earn their money than girls like her who expect money without lifting a finger.

10. [+79, -2] Her face is so fake, everyone looks like this