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Friday, June 23, 2017

Netizens wonder what is going on with GD's chin

Article: 'His chin is growing' pictures that show G-Dragon's jaw changes

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,831, -36] His face was already the slim type even without the need to put silicon in it, why did he do it;

2. [+1,544, -30] He did lose some weight.. and get some work done on his chin and nose.. but his chin is looking so much more unnatural as time goes on ㅠ He was so pretty at the Chanel show where he wore red ㅠ this time he looked a bit..

3. [+1,156, -108] Side effects of marijuana?

4. [+131, -2] Hul something looks weird, are these photoshopped? His profile looks gross

5. [+117, -3] I notice celebrities end up with the 'Kangta disease' where they want a longer chin

6. [+97, -2] He's got a chin worse than Kim Gura now

7. [+75, -1] Hul... shocking...

8. [+73, -0] He's voluntarily ruining his own face

9. [+71, -1] His chin was so pretty before, what is he doing... He could've just put in a tiny bit of silicon but instead he went the whole mile. Not like his jaw was angular to begin with but he cut it down even more and added silicon in which all that did was add length. I'm sure he's feeling stressed about the results too..

10. [+58, -1] ;; He looks like a witch grandma, gross..



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