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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seohyun in talks for lead role in new MBC weekend drama

Article: [Exclusive] Seohyun in talks for female lead of MBC's new drama

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,356, -117] She's not lead worthy...

2. [+922, -93] A lead...

3. [+795, -95] Guess I'll be watching something else

4. [+645, -84] Looks like she's looking for a career post Soshi

5. [+223, -37] All these SM idols keep landing these lead roles left and right. Kai, Joy, Seohyun, all leads. Even Chanyeol with his flop of a 3% viewer rating drama. None of them have any shame.

6. [+205, -34] Her acting is honestly really bad;;; can we please just stick to professional actors for dramas and movies

7. [+215, -38] Why do you think she was on that hidden camera show ㅋㅋ it was all planned in the end

8. [+214, -38] She was a bit awkward in 'Moon Lovers'...

9. [+180, -30] Haha... they still cast her after seeing her acting in 'Moon Lovers'...? I guess SM really is powerful after all

10. [+147, -27] So is SM producing this drama? Investing in it?? Seohyun's horrible acting skills are lead worthy now?



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