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Monday, December 19, 2016

Japan's holographic anime robot assistant 'Gatebox'

Article: [Future Editorial] She lives in my home

Source: Han via Naver

Article is about Japan's 2017 hologram assistant Gatebox [video here].

1. [+728, -7] The thing that makes this superior to humans is that you can turn it off

2. [+432, -4] I know there will be people who aren't welcome to this sort of thing but I have a feeling it's going to sell well

3. [+437, -35] Otakus are going to go crazy for it

4. [+310, -18] And thus single family homes will continue to increase...

5. [+307, -36] They should take sex criminals and lock them up in a room with these hologram boxes but the hologram is their own naked body

6. [+34, -0] I... I like it

7. [+30, -0] I remember in the anime 'Psychopath' they had a hologram character as an alarm clock and I always thought it was cool ㅎ whether you think it's weabish or not, it's better than an alarm clock

8. [+25, -0] I think it's a good idea. Especially if you lie alone, you can make it your friend like a pet puppy.

9. [+26, -1] If not for the price tag, I'd buy it out of curiosity... but I'm not ready to drop $3,000 on a curiosity alone..

10. [+22, -0] I actually want to buy one ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+18, -0] Amazing... once technology develops further, you can probably customize the type of woman you want in there

12. [+14, -0] Honestly, the progress of technological advances is so surprising

13. [+10, -0] I really think that otakus have helped society more than anything. Most of our creative entertainment content has come from otakus if you think about it. All of the super serious adults who live life in a box.. all they know how to do is complain about life every day whereas the otakus are the ones with creative brains and imaginations that come up with these things.

14. [+15, -2] The most important thing is communication. Like someone else pointed out, imagine what happens after a month of living with this thing. It'll be super boring. She'll always be saying the same scripted comment. The movie 'Her' is a good example of how you don't need any virtual or holographic image, just something with artificial intelligence is enough to rival any real life woman. It's all about communication. Stuff like this is just a curiosity bait. We'll need decades before we get robots capable of human communication.

15. [+9, -0] Looks like I can get married after all ㅜ-ㅜ

16. [+13, -2] We have reached a generation where more will live alone than ever~

17. [+10, -1] I'm a woman in my twenties and I still want it. If that hologram has as much intelligence as the robot from the movie 'Her', imagine a cute little elf character living like that in your house... I want it.



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