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Monday, December 19, 2016

Crayon Pop reveals they didn't make jackpot off of their hit song 'Bar Bar Bar'

Article: Crayon Pop "'Bar Bar Bar' success income? We didn't get paid right away"

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

When asked how much they've made since debut, "We did make a lot of money but none of it came to us. We didn't even get any allowance so we had to live off of $40-50. We weren't paid right away because 'Bar Bar Bar' was a hit in 2013 and we didn't get our first pay until 2014."


1. [+2,789, -39] Looks like 'Bar Bar Bar' did make a lot though since they had anything left to be paid at all after paying back all their debt

2. [+2,237, -52] You normally don't get paid till all your debt is paid off

3. [+1,628, -35] Not sure how much they were paid at events during their 'Bar Bar Bar' days but their albums have been mostly singles without music videos and even their promoted music videos were low budget ones so I think their net profit is a lot lower than other girl groups..

4. [+1,466, -41] They did blow up with 'Bar Bar Bar' though

5. [+1,443, -73] They're doing fine considering all the other idol groups who don't even get paid before they disappear

6. [+146, -3] Being paid late is a common story among all mid-tier agencies in Korea

7. [+131, -2] They made money off of 'Bar Bar Bar' but I'm pretty sure they went back into debt with every release after

8. [+123, -1] I'd still consider Crayon Pop a success considering all the other idols who are still dreaming of that one hit ㅠㅠ such a huge discrepancy in income in the entertainment industry

9. [+127, -3] Moon Hee Jun must've paid for most of the wedding if Crayon Pop has a member that can get married even after such little pay...

10. [+106, -7] Poor girls, they got so much hate because of their CEO but now their CEO sold the company over and left ㅎㅎ



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