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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hit movie 'Sunny' to get a Hollywood remake

Article: Movie 'Sunny' to get a Hollywood remake

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+2,872, -21] I wonder how they'll recreate that specific mood the movie has... what if they change it to a teen comedy movie?

2. [+2,343, -31] Not sure how they'll express all of the intricate swearing the movie has...

3. [+1,992, -53] How will they express the intricate Korean swears?.. I honestly think Korea has the best swears

4. [+1,284, -19] Can't wait to see how they recreate the SNSD battle scene ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+994, -15] Excited for the Hollywood remake since I especially enjoyed the original! Hope it does well!

6. [+120, -0] So many actresses hit it big off of this movie. Shim Eun Kyung, Kang Sora, Park Jin Joo, Chun Woo Hee...

7. [+94, -1] As for the Korean swears, I'm sure there's a lot of American swears with enough soul and flow to compensate

8. [+75, -2] I don't think it'll work considering the movie is heavily based off of Korean sentiments... It'll end up like a 'Glee' type of drama.

9. [+56, -1] I've noticed that most of the Hollywood remakes of Korean movies end up in the hands of nugu directors who cast nugu actors and turn it into a flop... You can tell just by how much they ruined 'Old Boy'..

10. [+50, -3] You have to admit that Korean swears are the most intricate and just stick to your tongue out of any swears in the world.... ㅎㅎㅎㅎ



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