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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SNSD halts SNS activities following Tiffany's scandal

Article: [Exclusive] All of SNSD halts SNS activities over Tiffany controversy... even Jessica

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

Tiffany's controversy, petitions to kick her from the industry... what are your thoughts? 91% think SM needs to issue an official apology and take her off shows + go into reflection 9% think she apologized and it was a mistake

1. [+846, -150] What's really funny is that Big Bang's TOP and GD wore clothes with the rising sun flag and all but people gave them the pass... I think we should take the opportunity to really drive home that the rising sun flag = the confederate flag

2. [+733, -27] Of course SNSD should stay quiet... if they post anything, they're just going to get buckets of hate

3. [+618, -49] None of this would've even happened if she stayed off of SNS

4. [+71, -49] One thing's for sure, if a male idol had done this, it never would've been this controversial and they would've gotten some hate before it blew over. That's how powerful the shield of stupid fangirls are...

5. [+66, -26] Why is only SNSD being dragged down like this? There are a ton of other offenders like GD...

6. [+62, -46] Come to think of it, another certain male group had a similar scandal with not nearly the same level of controversy, why only to a girl group? ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

7. [+51, -21] All it took was one member to ruin an entire group's image... They had such a positive image but I'm disappointed with how they handled this scandal. An apology letter without an ounce of sincerity... a reflection for the time being is necessary./

8. [+46, -29] So many SM staff in the Nate comments downvoting everything

9. [+43, -27] Jessica's scandal was nothing compared to this... at least Jessica always let the public know that she was a little brat, Tiffany's been playing cute all this time only to pull this on us... goosebumps

10. [+39, -6] Dumb idols should stay off of SNS for good



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