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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Taeyong cries while apologizing for his past

Article: NCT127 Taeyong mentions controversial past "I apologize to the people I hurt" tears

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+939, -60] F*ck, stop crying and just leave the group already. You were a nuisance to the people you scammed before you debuted and now you're a nuisance to the members of your own group after you debuted.

2. [+820, -45] Did his agency make him apologize? There's always a reason why you should consider someone's past. How are we to know if he's being genuine with his apology or not?

3. [+720, -40] He's so late. I wonder if he's only apologizing after seeing the repercussions.

4. [+87, -8] True self reflection is only after you've fully admitted to all that you've done wrong and after the victims you hurt have forgiven you. Just coming out on TV in a one sided way and throwing out an apology because you're a celebrity now and need to worry about your career is not a form of reflection at all.

5. [+73, -7] How are we to believe the tears of a scammer?

6. [+67, -6] Hey, even iljins regret their actions once they're all grown up... but imagine how easy life would be if all of that went away once you realized that?

7. [+52, -3] A one time mistake? But there are over 6 IDs of yours that were found to have scammed people ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You habitually scammed people using 6 different IDs... How dare you hurt all those people just for money? I abhor any brainless b*tch who is still shielding him.

8. [+51, -1] Whether it's fake or real, it's better that he apologizes rather than promoting like nothing happened. I just hope that his fans don't go around acting like it's all okay just because he apologized now. He wasn't just an immature kid, he actually scammed people and his apology doesn't absolve him of his crimes or an entire future of criticism and being made the butt of jokes.

9. [+45, -6] His company clearly made him apologize

10. [+42, -2] Didn't he say that he wanted to take after Yunho? Too bad Yunho's looks, talents, and character are a complete wall up against you. Especially his character... you will never live up to that.



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