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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cao Lu also receives backlash for South China Sea stance

Article: 'WGM' Jo Se Ho makes Cao Lu sad, does he not know what's important?

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+4,341, -219] Didn't Cao Lu post up a picture of that South China Sea issue on SNS too?

2. [+4,036, -302] Just kick anyone who is still Sinocentric out of our industry

3. [+3,778, -235] Cao Lu's the one who doesn't know what's really important here. I'm personally really disappointed in her.

4. [+3,897, -298] Am I the only one who finds it uncomfortable that she posted the picture of the South China Sea on SNS?

5. [+1,100, -41] She knows that she has a career in Korea.... and she still did something like that. Isn't she apologetic at all to her group members?

6. [+1,049, -32] Cao Lu posted a picture of the South China Sea on SNS too;;; I abhor Sinocentrism. From Victoria to her, all of you better leave to China or issue an apology and go into reflection ㅡㅡ

7. [+892, -33] Please go back to China....

8. [+835, -31] What is this Chinese still doing here instead of going back to China? Look at her shamelessly still promoting in a 'lesser' country like Korea

9. [+654, -14] Seemed like Cao Lu was finally starting to see the light with a change in image but all of that was just shattered... just stay off of SNS. I really supported Fiestar too...

10. [+606, -9] What is she doing in Korea making money here when she believes China is superior?? I really do wonder if she thought it was smart to upload that picture at a timing like this... now I can't stand seeing her.

11. [+639, -21] What is this Chinese doing on Korean TV?

12. [+596, -12] Really impressed with Cao Lu, Victoria, and Fei's intellectual level claiming that the land is still theirs even after the UN decision~



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