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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SM is into EDM, JYP is into reggae?

Article: SM is falling into EDM, JYP is falling into reggae

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+315, -37] And YG is falling out of their minds

2. [+287, -61] I seriously love WG's new song

3. [+136, -21] Let's all respect the personal tastes of what people choose to listen to. No need to put others down for the genre they like.

4. [+27, -3] A lot of people seem to think that digital rank = musicality but the Melon chart does not represent all of Korea's music.

5. [+14, -3] Kind of a stretch to say that JYP's been into reggae just because they put out two reggae songs

6. [+7, -1] I think the current state of the top 3 are SM in EDM, JYP in self-composed songs, and YG in hip hop

7. [+3, -0] WG's new song is reggae inspired but definitely not reggae ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and SM isn't entirely EDM either, just that their artists happen to be into EDM music

8. [+18, -6] SM has definitely been into EDM for a while. They've been putting dubstep in EXO's music. JYP has only put out two reggae songs which isn't enough to say that they're really into it yet.

9. [+19, -7] Of all the idols that I've seen claim that they self-composed their songs, I have yet to see one idol who didn't co-compose with another composer ㅋㅋ even the new WG song too and G-Dragon who has an image as an artist. You could count the idols who solely compose their own music on one hand... It's good that idols are branching out but don't cosplay as a musician when you're not.

10. [+15, -6] SM's songs like Tiffany, Jonghyun, and Luna's all sound really similar like Girlfriend's school series. Maybe because they're all EDM but they don't seem to have a super hit or a super flop. And JYP is definitely not pursuing reggae... how is 'Cheer Up' or 'Like Ooh-ahh' reggae at all?



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