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Sunday, July 31, 2016

On the Charts: Hyuna

Article: 'Solo' Hyuna #1 on 7 different charts... the sexy queen has proven herself

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+776, -110] Ranking #1 on any other chart that isn't Melon is meaningless

2. [+622, -75] We'll know in a few hours whether her song will stay up there or drop fast... Honestly, her new song is a bit too electronic-y for me. Couldn't she come out with another song like 'Bubble Pop'?

3. [+266, -35] I wonder what the other unemployed members of 4minute are thinking now?

4. [+321, -68] All of the WG members are doing well right now... Hyuna fighting

5. [+65, -8] What is she wearing...

6. [+89, -17] This was probably why 4minute was disbanded

7. [+47, -5] I liked that Hyuna looked pretty in her MV but... the song... is lacking and I feel like they could've given her a way better song.

8. [+59, -14] Hyuna's still got it. She obviously comes out with better results than when 4minute releases songs so of course their company felt no need to maintain the group. They are looking to make a profit after all.

9. [+30, -5] Her vocals are so horrible though. As much as the other 4minute members get crap for being her shadow, they made up for a lot of her shortcomings. Hyuna's songs have all been pretty bad since 'Bubble Pop'.

10. [+40, -9] She's so bad at singing... not even a good rapper either. There's a limit to her talent so all of her songs just end up sounding the same...


Source: Nate

1. [+106, -29] What's the point of winning #1 on these charts though. I heard on some radio show that 70% of the people who stream songs use Melon so if you're not #1 on Melon, being #1 on 7 other charts is pretty much meaningless. You have to be #1 on Melon for your digital rank to mean anything.

2. [+84, -11] Well it's an empty house right now and despite having no competitors, she didn't even make it into Melon's top 3 real time chart when Melon makes up 50% of the streamer base.

3. [+65, -9] Song feels a bit weaker compared to her past releases ㅠㅠ or maybe I'll change my mind after I see it with her performance...

4. [+13, -4] A song I've never heard of is #1 on 7 digital charts ㅋ how ironic

5. [+12, -4] Visually, Hyuna stood out from 4minute but as a solo, she's stuck singing an entire song on her own and her voice really isn't the type that you can stand listening to for that long. But it's Hyuna so I trust that she can make up for it with a killer performance on stage.



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