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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Laboum eats only 700 calories a day

Article: 'SBS Special' Laboum's severe diet 'only 700 calories consumed per day'

Source: Sports Chosun via Daum

1. [+430, -16] I don't know if you're really living life at that point

2. [+370, -8] Lovelyz can't eat without their manager's permission either. Even got caught sneaking something to eat at night and the manager threw the dish. Girl groups are under such strict control...

3. [+166, -18] Solbin's pretty... but damn these diets, why must girl groups live like this ㅠ

4. [+122, -7] You can eat three meals a day and maintain a fit body because they're dating, working out, and doing schedules without sleeping all the time. However, the fact that they still have to manage their calories in such a restrictive way means that their bodies are in an emergency state because of such severe diets that they're just saving all of the calories they eat as fat. To put it simply, they're diseased. Agencies need to wake up and stop this.

5. [+108, -8] The episode was actually about how restrictive dieting makes your hormones imbalanced and causes yoyo...

6. [+70, -5] Laboum's probably not the only girl group to eat like this. Girl groups, as much money as they make, have to suffer so much for it.

7. [+68, -4] We really need new laws to protect minors from being subjected to diets like this. Debuting ages get younger and younger and who will be responsible for any accidents that happen to these kids at an age where they should be eating and growing? No matter how successful these kids are, it's the agencies who are snatching up all the money while their health is at stake.

8. [+57, -12] Girl groups obviously put up with this because they know that all they need is one stroke of success and they can own real estate of their own..

9. [+46, -2] This is the reality of girl groups. All that mukbang crap they show on TV shows is fake.

10. [+29, -2] I guess that's why girls are always suffering from constipation... they have to be eating for something to come out...



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