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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dongho to make acting comeback with new management contract

Article: [Exclusive] Former U-KISS member Dongho signs exclusive contract with 'Raemongraein'... looking forward to acting

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+848, -14] Acting????????????????????????

2. [+747, -11] I still can't forget his "Save me" line from 'Don't Cry Mommy'.....

3. [+604, -9] He's going to act again...? I still remember everyone in the theaters laughing whenever he was on screen...

4. [+40, -1] I thought he retired ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -4] Didn't he retire? Does he now realize that he has nothing else to do career wise so he's back to promoting as a celebrity...;; isn't that disrespectful to his fans? He's the one who randomly quit U-KISS;; on top of that, his acting skills... so much has been said about that. Why acting???

6. [+29, -1] Dongho made an entire movie flop. As someone who watched it in theaters myself, everyone in the audience was laughing despite the movie being a very serious and dramatic one. He deserves the hate he's getting for it.

7. [+29, -2] Wasn't his condition for leaving U-KISS that he would retire from the industry for good?

8. [+28, -2] U-KISS is a weird idol group that is only ever in the media for marriage and child birth...

9. [+19, -1] People really need to stop using the word retire so lightly... and acting??? I don't think anyone will look forward to that unless he really works his butt off

10. [+19, -4] me...



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