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Monday, July 11, 2016

Can YG pick up the pace in the second half of the year?

Source: ize via Naver

Article talks about how YG has some important decisions to make in the next 6 months regarding comebacks and debuts since Big Bang needs to enlist soon and every choice they make from here on out will set the foundation for their future.

1. [+319, -7] YG's going to be in a dangerous position if they don't do something about Winner and iKON. It's good to have them self-compose songs but they also need to focus on getting the public interested in the groups by releasing songs by known producers. It's unfair to demand G-Dragon level skills from Nam Taehyun or BI. The two groups still lack that one big hit that makes them worthy of being YG. They also lack public interest... Like the fans are asking, have them promote in Korea more. It's the only way for YG to survive this..

2. [+256, -4] It's fine for Big Bang to take a break from TV appearances since they've been out for 10 years and they have enough public interest but what is YG thinking by holding their rookie groups back like this? No matter how much more money they make overseas, it doesn't matter if they have a weak Korean fanbase because they may as well be building a castle on top of sand. Rookies need to promote as much as they can to build a solid fanbase but YG is just keeping them on the backburner.

3. [+251, -13] No point in Winner having a killer combination of members if YG doesn't know what to do with them. As big as YG has gotten as a company, so has Yang Hyun Suk's stubbornness... YG doesn't know what's important or what to prioritize right now.

4. [+197, -5] I honestly do question if YG has a plan right now... Big Bang is facing enlistment but hasn't released any news of another album. Winner said they'd release a mini but that's been half a year now. 2NE1 is already a flop so let's leave them out of the equation... AkMu and Lee Hi are having comebacks nearly 2-3 years apart and seem to have lost their senses... Just be like SM and release things every few weeks, just put them out.

5. [+156, -8] Plans never had any meaning in YG. Yang Hyun Suk always had to be satisfied with the albums before he allowed them to be released and fortunately he's had a good sense for those things which is why Big Bang and 2NE1 were successful. I do think that his senses have become dulled with these new rookie groups however. You can't deny that they haven't been delivering results.

6. [+66, -1] I'm a huge YG fan. I'm not woried about Big Bang but I really don't like how YG is running Winner and iKON like they're Big Bang. They're still rookie groups and need TV appearances. People need to be able to see their faces to join the fandom but promoting them like Big Bang and keeping them off of TV is not helping them at all. Please learn from what the other idol groups are doing. I honestly don't trust Yang Hyun Suk's senses anymore... either way, I support all three Big Bang, iKON, and Winner~~

7. [+71, -3] It shouln't be necessary for Winner and iKON to release self-composed songs all the time. YG has over 10 composers that are allegedly Park Jin Young-tier so why not just have comebacks with their songs? Fans are exhausted from waiting.

8. [+59, -0] Remember JYP said that their rookie groups will always have title tracks produced by whatever JYP wants up to the third album. YG needs to stop promoting iKON and Winner like they're Big Bang. Self-composed songs are fine but let them do that after their third album. Rookies need to focus on being rookies and getting their popularity up by using trendy songs from professional producers as title tracks and catching the public's interest. These rookies aren't able to produce songs at the speed of professional producers and it's just prolonging their hiatus. The public isn't going to wait for Winner and iKON's self-composed songs like they do for Big Bang. YG is really making a mistake in judgment with this.

9. [+55, -2] JYP is so hard at work this year~ meanwhile YG promised Winner and Big Bang's albums last year and still haven't released them this year... I like both companies but YG really needs to start picking up the pace!

10. [+45, -2] The reason AkMu and Lee Hi are more popular with the public than Winner and iKON is because they're on more TV shows. While Winner and iKON are on tour, AKMu and Lee Hi were on TV shows that appealed to all generations and have public interest from all ages. Winner and iKON are still only stuck with interest from people in their teens and twenties while Lee Hi and AkMu appeal to teens, twenties, thirties, and forties. AkMu going on shows like 'Sugar Man' and showing off their variety talents shot up their public recognition level. JYP's Twice is on a ton of variety shows too and keep shooting up in fame and are even considered the representative girl group of the third generation. This is the power of variety shows, YG.



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