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Monday, July 11, 2016

Can IOI's Yeonjung save Cosmic Girls?

Article: Cosmic Girls earn the wings that are Yoo Yeonjung, how high will they fly?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+7,657, -349] If only the agencies would just wait a bit, IOI would be able to grow from being a temporary girl group to the nation's girl group but they keep ruining it

2. [+6,348, -202] Did Cosmic Girls not learn from what happened to DIA and Gugudan... this is why these companies will never be first tier

3. [+5,906, -182] IOI's Kim Sejung, Kang Mina, and Kim Nayoung had the second biggest fandom in the group but Gugudan's song fell off the charts just a week after its release. I don't think Yoo Yeonjung will have any bigger of an effect than those three.

4. [+3,790, -194] They'd be lucky if they hit average... I just don't want Yeonjung to get hurt

5. [+2,965, -127] This group will get lost in andromeda

6. [+903, -46] Cosmic Girls is already such a huge flop that I don't think Yeonjung alone is enough to save them. That's their reality.

7. [+825, -48] Yup, if the companies just waited a bit, IOI could've been a group that earned millions but instead they killed them in their tracks. Dumb agencies...

8. [+823, -80] Kim Sejung was the most popular member in IOI but even Gugudan is on the verge of flopping right now. Why would Yeonjung, who's the least popular and least publicly recognized member of IOI, do any better?

9. [+616, -12] When will these agencies learn that adding IOI members to failing groups isn't going to save them?

10. [+582, -11] This isn't what I was expecting. I thought IOI would promote for 8 months and the members would go off to debut in cool ways with their new groups... but maybe because their agencies are so poor and desperate that they have no patience to wait for that long but why can't any of them just wait out the 8 months?



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