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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

BTS apologizes for controversy over misogynistic lyrics

Article: BTS, "We apologize for making you feel uncomfortable with misogyny controversy"

Source: MBN via Daum

1. [+913, -147] Your character is reflected in the words that you choose to write, whether that be lyrics or even internet comments.

2. [+583, -161] Sigh, both their agency and the group should reflect deep into their bones about this

3. [+531, -177] Who are these guys?

4. [+394, -98] I read the lyrics and wow, really pisses me off

5. [+394, -102] They had to be insane writing that... I thought they were an up and coming boy group but this is forever farewell to you guys. There's nothing "hip hop" about putting down an entire gender like that....

6. [+372, -97] Wow... how could they write lyrics like that...? Gives me goosebumps

7. [+346, -96] The misogyny in our society is crossing so many lines... wake up everyone

8. [+304, -105] It's over for an idol group once you lose your girl fans

9. [+210, -70] Aren't the majority of their fans girls? I guess their fans don't even have any pride... still listening to songs with lyrics like that.

10. [+162, -71] I went back to read the apology in detail and it's just a bunch of excuses

11. [+122, -49] I will never understand misogynistic people. Their own mother is a woman ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+111, -50] They were so happy over getting popular recently too, but this is what happens when you screw up, it only takes a moment for it all to crumble. Popularity is like a sand castle. Their lyrics were really bad though.

13. [+53, -25] Lyrics like this are a tough issue... it's on a thin line between being right or wrong and the person writing it needs to be extra careful. I remember some other kid rapping about women spreading their legs like they're at the gynecologist... Why would you ever write something like that?

14. [+24, -1] Big Hit's apology is basically understanding that the lyrics had room for a misogynistic interpretation, not fully admitting that they were.

15. [+43, -26] I'm a BTS fan myself and when I listen to Rap Mon's mixtape, there are a lot of parts where I realize that he screwed up. A few dumb Armys will try to defend him no matter what but I don't think that's right.



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