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Monday, July 4, 2016

Black Pink has the four member advantage?

Article: YG's Black Pink, what does being a 4 member group mean in the industry now?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+4,714, -91] I've been hearing about this YG girl group since I was in junior high and now I'm in college ^^ so are they going to actually debut once I graduate and get a job?

2. [+3,526, -55] Yeah, never trust anything YG says until they're actually standing on their debut stage

3. [+2,446, -57] So are they going to debut this time next year or...?

4. [+2,443, -106] Let's not forget that YG originally planned this group to be the YG version of SNSD...

5. [+1,452, -60] I wonder if they'll be a girl crush concept

6. [+410, -28] SM and JYP have been having comebacks every week with high quality songs but YG's been holding out too hard... Winner had everything planned out in January but have gone awol. Putting them out with iKON just screwed both of them over.

7. [+306, -22] YG really skimped on their name, didn't they... but I am curious about their skills. Tired of girl groups with huge numbers. Can't tell any of them apart. At least with four, you can focus on each member at a time..

8. [+231, -9] I think four's the most reasonable number... the bad part is that if one member causes a scandal or leaves, it leaves a bigger impact on the group.

9. [+198, -7] I wonder how good Teddy's song for them is. I bet you that he gave them songs he originally had planned for 2NE1.

10. [+159, -8] There's only one thing I want from YG and it's that I want their rookies to do styles different from Big Bang and 2NE1

11. [+149, -6] Please just debut within the year

12. [+139, -4] Why hasn't YG been getting to work? SM and JYP have been doing back to back comebacks this year, what is YG doing?

13. [+133, -4] As long as they look like the visuals in their pictures they'll be fine but I wonder what they'll be like on stage

14. [+129, -15] It's not the number of members that's important.... no one will care if they don't have any charms.

15. [+120, -14] I prefer four than groups like Gugudan with a ton of members. Gugudan would've been successful too if they cut it down to Sejung, Mina, Nayoung, and one extra member.



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