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Monday, June 20, 2016

Kim Min Hee revealed to be having an affair with director Hong Sang Soo

Article: [Exclusive] Kim Min Hee revealed to be dating director Hong Sang Soo... an affair for a year

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+5,718, -59] What is going on;;;

2. [+5,594, -61] Daebak, first time reading a scandal like this

3. [+3,494, -59] What's going on?????

4. [+3,200, -102] The rumors were true...

5. [+3,082, -254] What's wrong with her... Kim Min Hee... despicable. Why would you break another family like that...

6. [+1,328, -24] How can you go from dating actors like Lee Jung Jae, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Jo In Sung to this homeless looking grandpa?

7. [+1,394, -50] The director is not only married but has a college aged daughter and the article talks about how Kim Min Hee seduced him anyway and broke his family apart. If this is true, she's going to be exiled from the industry.

8. [+1,193, -28] This rumor has been going around in the movie industry for a while... they even lived together in Kangwondo

9. [+1,004, -30] Hmm... the Korean industry is turning into the Hollywood industry, tsk tsk. An affair, eh?

10. [+53, -42] Hul..?? After dating Lee Jung Jae and Lee Soo Hyuk...?? Why??? Why!!!!

11. [+787, -21] Well his daughter is college aged, not like she needs her father around anymore. Just let him go. Kim Min Hee can take care of him into his elderly life and maybe she'll regret her decision then.

12. [+701, -29] Seriously, an affair? Hul Kim Min Hee...

13. [+741, -44] I heard this is why she broke up with Jo In Sung. Finally the cats out of the bag.

14. [+646, -17] Sounds like some movie plot...

15. [+589, -31] Honestly, why would you mess with a man who has a family? You should never seduce someone who has a partner already. She's going to be punished for this.


Source: Nate

1. [+280, -25] Kim Min Hee's career is obviously over now but wow, it's daebak lately in terms of scandals huh

2. [+238, -7] There's nothing that lasts forever... hurt others and that pain will come back to you too

3. [+211, -6] These two are crazy

4. [+47, -1] Wow ㅋㅋㅋ they're both trash. I'm at a loss for words...

5. [+45, -0] Wow, how dare Kim Min Hee tell his wife "you should've managed your husband better"???? You're forever exiled from the industry now



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