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Thursday, June 23, 2016

IOI's Kim Sohye sets up her own agency and opens a cafe

Article: IOI Kim Sohye opens her own cafe "A lot of people came"

Source: Sports Korea via Nate

1. [+763, -279] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ With the way she's acting, I don't see her having a very long career at all ㅋㅋ It wouldn't matter if she was talented but she's not. I knew there was something wrong when she set up her own one man agency too.

2. [+700, -311] I thought she was dumb but she's actually quite sly~ ^^ Or maybe realistic~~ ㅋ

3. [+425, -83] It's not like she's selling expensive fan merchandise at her cafe or anything. She sells a 3,300 won iced americano and a 5,000 won shaved ice cream. That's not expensive at all considering the location, especially not enough to warrant calling her 'sly' in the comments like this.

4. [+115, -7] Sohye came up with the idea of that fan meet and I think a lot of fans were grateful.

5. [+113, -4] There are a lot of penguin dolls in the cafe and Sohye pictures too ㅋㅋ the outside terrace is nicely decorated as well. I hope the cafe makes huge profit~

6. [+112, -7] I saw the cafe pictures and it looked unique and nicely set up. It's actually in an average location too despite her being a star. So many other celebrity families who start cafes hike up the prices to be too expensive. I think Sohye's doing fine.

7. [+100, -0] Sohye also autographed 100 frames for the first 100 customers and bought them lots of gifts too. Please view it positively.

8. [+91, -8] The prices are cheap and I think it's great that her fans can check it out and hang out there. Fighting!

9. [+85, -40] I get that her father wants the best for her but he's already set up a one man agency for her and now their own cafe; I don't think these things will help her in the long run. It would've been better for her to set up a career before starting things like cafes... IOI promos end in 7 months and Sohye's the one with the most bleak future out of IOI. She should be seeking agencies to sign under and get ample training, not doing all this stuff...

10. [+84, -8] She really does love her fans though. She autographed frames and handed them out! Fighting!



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