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Friday, June 10, 2016

Fans concerned that YG has yet to come up with a 'post Big Bang' plan

Article: YG doesn't have a 'post Big Bang', or am I being too sensitive?

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+457, -34] Isn't Yang Hyun Suk to blame? He should've worked on supporting Winner more but instead he left a rookie group on the backburner for so long until all of their fans got bored and left and then randomly put out iKON instead.... he media played about iKON as if they were some superbly talented group when most rookie groups nowadays are just as talented. YG could've waitd until 2-3 years after Winner to debut iKON but the timing of it all just screwed both Winner and iKON over

2. [+373, -8] With the way YG handles things, it's like watching a choding rushing his way through his summer break homework the day before school starts

3. [+350, -15] Winner debuted in 2014, iKON debuted in 2015, and their new girl group is debuting 2016. What kind of agency rushes all these debuts at once? And they don't even promote them. They act like their rookies are Big Bang tier and think they can be choosy by picking and choosing which music shows to go on and opts out variety shows entirely. They need to wake up because this is not the time to be choosy.

4. [+38, -3] Foolish Yang Hyun Suk, so why split Winner and iKON into two? There was an easy path that would've resolved all of this, although I'm sure the current Winner and iKON fans would be opposed to it. Just combine them into one group, then there's a flavor for everyone's tastes. But having two rookie groups debuted from the same company spaced only a year apart forces in-house competition and gets nothing done in the end... ㅎㅎ

5. [+37, -0] It doesn't matter whether iKON or Winner is more talented, YG was dumb to pit the fandoms against each other like this

6. [+30, -4] Come to think of it, YG hasn't put out an impactful idol group since Big Bang and 2NE1. The company's going to fail if they don't start investing more into their rookies.

7. [+26, -7] YG stupidly split Winner and iKON up and now they have fandom wars going on between their two groups ㅋㅋ It'd be great to have collabs between Winner and iKON but instead the public is confused with which member is in which between these two groups ㅋㅋㅋ and instead of debuting iKON after Winner, YG needed to have put out a girl group. SNSD was not promoting that year too but now it's too late for their girl group with Twice, Girlfriend, AOA, etc ㅋㅋ

8. [+23, -6] Aside from 4-5 members in Winner and iKON, the rest feel like extras who are just relying on the group's name to get by. Should've eliminated more members and come out with one whole group that's better;;;

9. [+23, -4] There are a lot of useless members within the 12 between Winner and iKON. If I were YG, I would've cut down the members to about 5-6 with real star potential or skills and debuted them as the final group. That's YG's style after all. Splitting 12 into 2 groups was such a bad idea, not like this is EXO M and K. That's not YG's style at all.

10. [+23, -7] Not even joking right now. Look at EXO's comeback. Winner and iKON are also 3rd generation idols with EXO but if they had their comebacks now, they'll just be food to EXO to feed off of. EXO had a hiatus but it was just a year, a few weeks at minimum. They managed their fans well. But how long were Winner and iKON's hiatuses? iKON did better at the start but they have no impact now. You couldn't put either iKON or Winner up against EXO right now without being crushed.

11. [+23, -1] YG aren't what they used to be. They always used to get #1 whenever they released a song but you don't see that anymore unless it's Big Bang. Their other artists start falling off the charts. They need to change things up.

12. [+21, -1] They needed to have supported Winner more to fill Big Bang's absence income wise but instead they debuted iKON straight after and now they're debuting a girl group straight after. And with YG being so choosy with variety shows, music shows, radios, no wonder it's taking their rookie groups so long to grow and catch up.



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