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Friday, April 8, 2016

SM's NCT U releases 'The 7th Sense'

Article: NCT U, a concept only possible born out of SM

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+937, -63] So they actually debuted the scammer, yeah...?

2. [+795, -48] I heard that if you buy this group's album, you get a brick inside instead of the CD
- No, it also comes with a CD that plays hurtful slurs about your parents too

3. [+729, -51] Isn't this the perfect weather to buy a Gundam off of a second hand site?

4. [+582, -39] This is the group with that scammer?

5. [+170, -6] I bet that scammer never thought he'd get to debut and have his identity released for the world to see and be called a scammer for the rest of his life

6. [+163, -7] Korea's first ever scammer makes his idol debut, SM Taeyong

7. [+131, -8] Let's talk after you've kicked the scammer

8. [+69, -4] So how much are their bricks going to cost

9. [+78, -12] It's SM so I didn't expect much from the rapper but Mark's pretty good..

10. [+55, -5] Guys, this is your only opportunity to talk sh*t about the scammer. Once he gets stupid fangirls later, there's no hope because he'll be shielded.

11. [+37, -1] Going to sell my NCT album on the second hand site~

12. [+37, -2] This group never would've gotten this much hate from debut if they had just left out the scammer. Does he think that he can bury his past with his fans and popularity? Too bad the past gets stickier the more famous you are and follows you around for the rest of your career.

13. [+65, -12] Mark is so good at rapping, I would've never thought he was under SM. I'm an SM fan myself but it's my first time seeing someone like him.

14. [+24, -1] If you buy their album, you get a brick and a CD that plays swears about your parents ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you guys are having fun with this

15. [+24, -1] Just in case some of you are hating on Taeyong without knowing what he looks like, put a face to the name - he's the silver hair in the white shirt



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