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Monday, February 29, 2016

Six Bomb reveals they aren't embarrassed of their pink latex outfits

Article: Six Bomb, "We're not embarrassed of our pink sausage outfits" 

Source: Star News via Daum

"Our CEO-nim looked all over foreign sites to find this outfit. It's really hard to find pink outfits like these and they're not cheap because they cost several hundreds. We ordered it from America so it took over a month to get to us."

"The outfits are made out of latex so it's like we're wearing rubber gloves over our entire body and there's barely any air circulation." When asked if they felt embarrassed wearing it, the girls replied without hesitation, "No. We were upset at first over the hateful comments but we realized it's as big of an opportunity to get our name out there so we consider it positive interest. From our perspective, it doesn't look sexual at all. It's pink so we think it's pretty but I guess people consider it sexual."


1. [+647, -13] You might no feel embarrassed but we feel embarrassed looking at you;;;

2. [+542, -13] We feel embarrassed for you......

3. [+250, -16] Way too sexual...

4. [+178, -13] They all look so old, must've waited for so long to get here... or maybe it's the thick make up? I'm in my forties and they look around my age... ㅜㅜ well, I hope you work hard and find success

5. [+165, -4] So are they saying it's up to us to feel embarrassed for them then...

6. [+156, -14] Aigoo, put on some proper clothes... not only do they look bad but your bodies don't even fit them right

7. [+141, -2] I see an ajumma in there

8. [+85, -6] Are the members of this group according to L, M, S, M size? And I really don't like the outfits because it shows their panty line

9. [+57, -1] It's not that the outfits are too sexual that's the issue... the members are just all.. so ugly...

10. [+56, -1] They look like they're wearing pink condoms. It's not sexual looking but they look tacky.



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