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Monday, February 22, 2016

Shin Won Ho PD reveals a lot of A list actors turned down 'Reply 1997'

Article: Shin Won Ho PD, "A ton of A list actors turned down 'Reply 1997'"

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+23,015, -374] And I bet those A list actors are hitting the floor in regret

2. [+18,279, -263] 'Reply 1997' was probably the best series because so many people thought it'd fail but it hit daebak

3. [+17,701, -309] Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji did wonders for it...

4. [+14,501, -265] The actors who turned it down are probably regretting it so hard right now ㅋㅋ tvN's influence is out of this world nowadays

5. [+2,542, -24] Please refrain from using A list actors in the future too~ there are so many more hidden gems we have yet to discover

6. [+2,195, -20] I don't think the drama would've done as well if they had cast A list actors

7. [+1,800, -18] 'Reply 1997' really did set the foundation for the success of the series

8. [+1,814, -27] I'm actually glad the A list actors turned it down... fortunately we were able to see just how lovable Sung Shiwon and her gaesae are...

9. [+1,250, -20] The series has become an opportunity for rookies and actors who've had no name for a long time make a name for themselves... I'm glad the A listers turned it down

10. [+657, -41] I don't really see a reason for A list actors to accept a drama like 'Reply' anyway... they're A list even after turning it down ㅋㅋ dramas like 'Reply' that show the hard working aspect of life matches idols more than A list actors.. A list actors are all about keeping up that mysterious, hard to approach aura so they can land CF deals ㅋㅋ



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