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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

[Pann] Lay shows poor acting skills?

Pann: EXO member's bad acting controversy;;

1. [+283, -40] I don't even want to call him a member because he's too busy skipping EXO's activities for his own individual activities ㅋㅋㅋ why is it that Kyungsoo and Chanyeol who are both acting and shooting movies have time to attend EXO's schedules but Lay can't? I don't understand why he can't, it puts me off from him.

2. [+249, -36] He doesn't even promote with EXO, how is he an EXO member?

3. [+227, -41] Sorry but we don't have a member like him

4. [+113, -2] F*ck, I burst out laughing when I saw this gif ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ whoever made it deserves an award "Tell me why I need to leave EXO! Huh??? Because I really don't know why. All of you screw off!"

5. [+90, -2] I'm an EXO-L and I honestly have zero emotions about Zhang Yixing. Literally neutral to him. I used to think he was nice and cute and he was even my bias at one point but after he's been staying in China and dropping out of group activities, he just feels like someone who is an EXO member only in name. I don't treat him like a traitor but I don't really think of him as an EXO member either... I've lost trust in him after seeing him skip EXO activities continuously like this and I'm scared he's going to leave. I'm pretty much emotionally prepared for his leave but I'm scared for the remaining Korean members... can't imagine how they'd feel coming this far only to have 4 Chinese members leave like that.

6. [+90, -2] Lay didn't even participate in EXO's Ivy group pictorial. If you don't want to be in EXO, just leave~~~~

7. [+76, -5] Don't the EXO-L on Pann basically consider him a member who's left?

8. [+76, -2] (This is a chart of Lay's participation, or lack of, in all of EXO's activities from December 2015 to January 24th, 2016)
- Overall schedule participation: 23.8% (5 out of 21 schedules)
- Schedules in Korea: 7.69% (1/13)
- Schedules in China: 50% (2/4)
- EXO'luXion: 60% (3/5)
- Etc schedules: 12.5% (2/16)
- Participation after he cried at their showcase saying he "hasn't forgotten EXO": 16.67%
- Won't be attending the Philippines concert
- Didn't attend any of the year-end ceremonies other than MAMA
- Won't be attending the NA tour either

9. [+62, -2] The fans who support 9, all they know how to say is "do you not know how to count?" can you come up with some better excuses? Who cares if he counts as a member when he doesn't even promote with them~~~ and by your logic, shouldn't you be counting the traitors as members too since the lawsuits are still ongoing which makes them still a part of EXO? They're not attending EXO's schedules either~~~ why not just call yourselves supporters of 12? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+52, -2] He's not an EXO member



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