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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Pann] IU lookalike broadcast jockey

Pann: IU's lookalike

1. [+294, -7] I think she knows she looks like her and purposely copied her make up and style

2. [+157, -19] Just looks like it's all make up... probably doesn't look like her in real life

3. [+130, -130] Honestly the kids who are saying she doesn't look like IU are in denial ㅋㅋ

4. [+121, -2] She doesn't look like IU without her glasses

5. [+51, -11] She does look like her but the way she tries so hard to make herself look like her makes her look like her less. And something about her looks like a sharper, lacking version of IU? She's cute but there's something missing

6. [+51, -18] I don't think so, you can't trust webcams nowadays

7. [+34, -8] IU's prettier

8. [+33, -1] Just looks like she's purposely copying IU to get her name out there as a BJ

9. [+29, -2] She's nothing special without her glasses

10. [+23, -4] This person looks more like IU than her



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