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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ryu Jun Yeol directly clarifies that he is not associated with ilbe

Article: Ryu Jun Yeol directly clarifies ilbe rumors, "I am not an ilbe" 

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+2,448, -691] If you see the tweets he's RT'd in the past, you can tell he's definitely not ilbe. It's just the antis who want to believe that he is. It makes me sick.

2. [+2,073, -723] I believe in you

3. [+1,835, -667] How cool of him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope he becomes a big actor!

4. [+293, -84] I'm sure he didn't find out until today that 'tofu' was used like that by ilbe, just like me

5. [+248, -97] This feels like such a witch hunt

6. [+217, -80] Honestly, he's not an idiot. He is just now on the rise, why would he purposely prove himself to be an ilbe like that? I really believe that he didn't know... there's no way that someone would be so blatant about it when he knows it could end his career...

7. [+189, -61] He retweets opposing stuff about the government, why would he prove that he's an ilbe member on somethign like SNS? And if he was an ilbe member, he probably would've deleted everything associated with it before he got popular.

8. [+176, -73] Just consider it a spring of bad luck after the success of 'Reply 1988' and use it as an opportunity to grow and mature from it

9. [+154, -44] How was he supposed to know that a tofu errand was associated with ilbe? It's not like everyone should go around memorizing ilbe terminology. The rest of us who don't care don't know that it's associated with ilbe... can't say anything nowadays without being accused of ilbe.

10. [+143, -54] First of all, thank you for the fast feedback. I was always curious about his own opinion instead of his agency;s.


Source: Naver

1. [+24,439, -4,301] Scared to see what happened in the movie 'Socialphobia' happen right before my eyes. People are so quick to shove him in a box labeled ilbe without a care for the actual situation. No matter what he says, they just want to brand him as ilbe. It's scary how we have to now be careful of whether our words are associated with ilbe or not for anything we write or say.

2. [+22,419, -4,041] As someone who has watched over him, I didn't believe it for a second. I trust in him.

3. [+18,512, -3,252] Find strength, Ryu actor-nim

4. [+15,540, -2,822] Find strength and fighting!

5. [+7,524, -1,095] I didn't find out until today that tofu was associated with ilbe. Can people even go buy tofu now without being scared? Why should we be the ones worried over our vocab usage because of those ilbe kids?

6. [+5,154, -710] How are we supposed to know what tofu means when we don't go on ilbe???? Aren't the people who even thought of ilbe after reading tofu on his caption the real ilbe users???? How are we supposed to know that???

7. [+4,091, -730] Both the agency and the actor released official statements denying it and he even wrote on his personal SNS that he's not along with a clarification of the picture in question. If people still don't believe him, that's their issue not his. Find strength, Ryu actor. I support you.

8. [+3,922, -721] The picture was obviously just a witty comment, I can't believe it's become this controversial

9. [+3,098, -496] Good on him to directly post about it. I hope he doesn't get hurt and realizes that the people still hanging on to this aren't fans and are just haters. I'll believe and support in him until the end.

10. [+3,641, -704] I like that he didn't get mad in his statement despite this being a situation that anyone would totally get upset over. Shows that he's a deep person. Just consider this a stroke of bad luck and move on...[



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