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Monday, February 15, 2016

Mixed reactions to Nam Bora's ex chaebol boyfriend

Article: Would Nam Bora's dating rumors have been as scandalous as it was if he wasn't a 'chaebol'?

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+1,200, -25] It's common for female celebrities to meet and date businessmen and other wealthy men but the timing of the news release was just after the media was already abuzz with talks about sponsors which is why it was more controversial than it was

2. [+1,072, -78] Well there were pictures of them hugging just yesterday and she randomly says they broke up today...;;; But seeing as how he's her age and they went on a date so openly like that, I doubt he's her sponsor. The man's apparently the son of a CEO of some company and I guess his family was against news of them dating out. It honestly doesn't matter how pretty she is, I can see why his family would be pressured by how many dongsaengs she has who are reliant on her...

3. [+624, -51] So why are the journalists blaming the netizens for prying into her private life when they were the ones who released news of it first? We didn't know about any of this until they put it in the media.

4. [+78, -28] She's famous for being so caring and working her way from the bottom up with supporting roles since 'The Angel's Chorus', it's unfair to accuse her of being with a sponsor. If he was a sponsor, they probably would've met late at night. He's just some young man who didn't even bother wearing a mask. You could tell from their facial expression how much they like each other, didn't seem like a sponsor relationship at all. It just feels like the man's parents are against the relationship so they put out in the news that they broke up.

5. [+51, -8] I feel like I'm watching a drama come to life. The son of a huge chaebol family falling in love with some girl from the countryside. That girl later goes on to become a lead role in a drama a year later. They were in love yesterday, but broke up today. Sounds like a plot drama producers would pick up.

6. [+43, -12] Of course it'd be controversial since it's just after the entire media is abuzz with talks about celebrities hooking up with rich sponsors from the TV show investigations. People viewed it suspiciously because she was with him on Valentine's day and then broke up the next day. I don't believe that he's actually her sponsor but maybe he was and she felt pressured from all the talk about sponsors to just say that she broke up with him instead.

7. [+40, -1] Even if they did break up, he's still the son of SSMS... how talented of her to land a guy like him

8. [+38, -3] People supported her when they first heard about the rumors and then when she said that they broke up. It wasn't until she clarified it saying they did meet yesterday but specifically broke up this morning that people were wondering what was going on and connecting it to sponsors. Her company handled this mess poorly.

9. [+35, -3] Just sounds like celebrities who get caught meeting their sponsors just tell the media that it's a dating rumor for better or for worse

10. [+28, -2] Under all the suspicions of sponsors, it sounds like the man's side just wanted to make it go away. Maybe this really is a Cinderella story that Koreans are so obsessed with, we'll never know because we can't judge everything based off of a few pictures. It's unfair to accuse Nam Bora having a sponsor relationship just because of the timing of the news with the sponsor controversy.

11. [+29, -13] He can't be a sponsor ㅋㅋ why would a rich, young chaebol who's handsome to boot have to sponsor anyone? Young chaebols already have female celebrities lining up to marry them, they have their pick from anyone if they want a date~ sponsors are usually old married men who can't get young, pretty women in any other way than buying them;;; And besides, he looked completely in love with her in the photos~

12. [+22, -5] I don't know, I don't really see Nam Bora having the kind of talent to be able to land a chaebol just like that. You can't just rule out that he's a sponsor because he's young. Why else would Yun Jung Hoon have been that desperate to marry Han Ga In, obviously to keep her out of all this sponsor business since she was so young.

13. [+21, -9] He can't be a sponsor, Nam Bora has been doing nothing lately. No CFs, no nothing. Just because he's a chaebol doesn't mean he's her sponsor.



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