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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hyoyeon sports a colorful and punky look for brand opening event

Article: SNSD Hyoyeon, 'surprised at her beautiful legs and her style'

Source: Newsen via Daum

1. [+607, -23] Hmm, I'm not an anti but her hair looks like my neighbor's Shizh Tzu

2. [+366, -25] My puppy is cuter~ even has the same hair dye

3. [+204, -17] Omo... sorry but that's a bad look...

4. [+183, -20] I wonder how she became a celebrity;;;;

5. [+63, -10] Surprised that the journalist even bothered to take pictures from down that low to make her legs appear longer. Her face also seems to be undergoing transformation.

6. [+47, -11] What a tacky look

7. [+37, -9] I'm not some celebrity anti or anything but this is a bad look. Not that it's any of my concern but it really doesn't match her;;;

8. [+35, -9] If I ever saw a woman like her in real life... I'd be speechless



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