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Friday, February 12, 2016

Chanyeol reveals his blocked list of sasaengs

Article: EXO Chanyeol enraged over outpour of sasaeng fan messages... reveals blocked list

Source: Kuki News via Daum

1. [+733, -21] Seems unavoidable as a popular idol... just make sure you save up all that money you're making~ I'm sure there are no name idols who are jealous of even this... what an ironic world we live in.

2. [+414, -8] How'd they even find his number?

3. [+333, -11] Sasaeng fans are scary

4. [+141, -12] They have no sense of self worth. If someone hates you to this point, wouldn't your pride be hurt and make you want to stop? So pathetic!

5. [+90, -3] The stress that comes with the job is equivalent to popularity. I'd be so scared... I hate it... they can't call themselves fans.

6. [+78, -10] I just want to see who will even remember EXO's songs in 10 years

7. [+90, -39] You should consider yourself lucky, all of those numbers are your bank accounts

8. [+43, -4] I'm getting goose bumps looking at his blocked list... all the kids who follow their van around is nothing compared to this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ some of them are even from Japan. Imagine the stress... I guess they find the number out and share it with everyone else.

9. [+35, -4] He never complained when all the other brainless fangirls gave him gifts... tsk tsk

10. [+36, -8] I can't sympathize with him. No one forced him to become a celebrity, quit if you can't handle it.

11. [+33, -5] His income is reliant on them, he can do nothing but hold it in. It's because they're this crazy that he's able to earn the wealth that he does.

12. [+28, -3] Nothing he can do about it, they're the ons who make him money. As long as they don't threaten to kill him, he has to hold it in.



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