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Friday, February 12, 2016

4minute admits they knew their new song would have mixed reactions

Source: Joy News via Naver

When asked how their recent album was doing, they said, "We expected the mixed reactions, and it's hard, but convincing the music to like an unconventional song like ours is something we have to work on. Number-wise, it's the worst album we've released in Korea in our history. But it's receiving a positive response overseas. The color of our music has changed and we enjoy trying new things more than going for what's similar. We crave change. We wouldn't have chosen this song as our title track if it wasn't something new and different. 'Volume Up' was a song that never won #1 either but three years later, people still like it. It's sad that we haven't won #1 but it comes with the cost of trying something new."

1. [+1,361, -62] Their best songs were 'Hot Issue' and 'Heart to Heart'

2. [+772, -70] As a group, they seem to have found their defining color... the only problem is that the song is pretty lackluster in comparison to 'Crazy' for how similar it is to it.

3. [+912, -175] I like the song, the stage is cool too... I like that it's something other idols haven't tried.

4. [+808, -181] I much prefer it over all the "I'm so innocent and pure" concepts that girl groups have been doing. Maybe because 4minute's a senior girl group now but I can't even imagine them doing such concepts like that anymore ㅋ

5. [+118, -12] I like the concept a lot but Hyuna and Jiyoon are the only ones who pull it off, the rest look so awkward in it... especially Jihyun and Gayoon. They need different concepts.

6. [+95, -8] I loved 'Crazy' for how cool they looked... 'Hate' is like a watered down version of it. Still cool though.

7. [+95, -18] Yup, definitely a love or hate type of concept but I do like it

8. [+66, -10] The bad unni, girl crush concept works well with Hyuna, Jiyoon, and Sohyun but there's something about Gayoon and Jihyun that match longing concepts better

9. [+43, -3] The bad unni image fits Hyuna and Jiyoon best. Gayoon's vocals don't match it, Sohyun has no presence in the group, and the concept as a whole doesn't match Jihyun either. They call themselves a 'girl crush group' but when I watch their stages, they're just a couple of girls dancing to a choreography they memorized. There's nothing about them that dominates the stage.

10. [+80, -16] I like it, though? I like it a lot better than the other idols who act all cutesy, that's so cringe to me.

11. [+31, -2] It was whatever at first and I thought I'd grow to like it eventually but I don't know... it's not what I expected.

12. [+70, -17] I watched their stages and I like it. There aren't a lot of girl groups with a concept like this so it stood out to me.



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