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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Former idol group mother reveals ongoing lawsuit over agency's assault of her daughter

Article: Former idol member's mother reveals, "She was locked in the recording room and beat... she needed treatments for depression"

Source: Newsen via Nate

'One Night in TV' covered some of the grim stuff that goes behind idol contracts and how much of their private lives are managed by their agencies. One mother came forward revealing that she was in a lawsuit with her daughter's agency because the agency was suing her for her daughter "distracting the group from promoting." Her daughter was accused of "drinking with the members, having complicated male relationships, starting fights, and lying to the members."  This was all apparently a breach of their contract terms which stated that they had an image to upkeep.

The mother revealed, "The agency locked the members in the recording booth and threw an ash tray at them. The members eventually came out with psychological problems and depression, which they needed hospital treatment for."


1. [+235, -2] Just how dirty can the industry be. The successful ones are the ones hitting daebak with money but imagine how many more there are who are sitting on debt like them...

2. [+158, -3] I bet the industry is dirtier than movies and dramas let on. Celebrity agencies are really only another opportunity for former thugs to move on from their past and set up their own agency so that they can take trainees and intimidate them with threats to force them into sexual favors. And you know who are all connected? From the higher officials at broadcast channels to even politicians. Anyone who's watched the drama 'Remember' would know just how many dirty connections there are. And reality is that no one in real life are willing to cut any of those connections just to stay above the law.

3. [+132, -4] Proper agencies wouldn't act like this or even pick trainees like this. Being a celebrity is not always about good looks or good dancing and singing. You need kids with proper mindsets, kids who are chill off stage but know to express themselves on stage.

4. [+15, -4] Usually these agencies end up being nugu names...

5. [+14, -0] They should release the name of the agency who threw an ash tray so that others don't fall in the same pit

6. [+2, -0] The ones we see with all the flashy money and stuff are only 1% of the entire industry... the others are people who make ends meet with random events, some don't even get paid properly still... it's not until you get older that you realize that as much as celebrities look flashy on the outside, it's not all there is to it.



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