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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Follow Up: Hyunseung's apology only fans the fire

Article: What if his apology had come sooner... Jang Hyunseung's apology only makes the controversy bigger

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+151, -3] It wasn't an issue of whether his apology was too fast or too slow, it was whether it was genuine or not and there was not an ounce of sincerity at all. It obviously sounded like he was forced to write it and if he's going to act like this at all, he should just leave instead of being a bother to his group.

2. [+125, -3] He's probably checked out now that he's made enough money... can't imagine how angry his fans are right now.

3. [+111, -2] Nevermind the fans, if he actually felt apologetic to even his own members at all, there's no way he would've written his apology the way he did. He doesn't deserve to say a word even if they beat him up over it. They're saints for even putting up with him.

4. [+29, -0] Doojoon, Kikwang, and Yoseob worked their butts off on varieties and sang their hearts out on stage to get B2ST's name known, Hyuna danced as hard as she could to get Troublemaker's name known, and who does Hyunseung think he is to put all of that to shame like this?

5. [+19, -1] Lee Jong Suk was a rising star but look what happened to him after he showed his true character at the airport... you're going on the same downhill as him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Source: Naver

1. [+6,003, -163] He was forced to write his own apology

2. [+4,650, -149] His true colors are finally showing, I wonder how he hid it all this time?

3. [+3,999, -118] The speed of the apology isn't the issue

3. [+3,217, -124] It's too late...

4. [+926, -36] I'm not even a fan and I could tell that his apology wasn't written with an ounce of sincerity...

5. [+874, -27] I wonder what's gotten into him after all the struggle he overcame to become a singer. It's funny too because he's absolutely nothing without B2ST on his own;;;;;

6. [+763, -21] I was so shocked when I saw that video of him standing still for 45 seconds.... I understand why fans have gotten to this point

7. [+723, -21] This is why celebrities manage their image so strictly, even if it's all fake~ but he can't even act fake for the cameras ㅋ doesn't even care about his fans because he's made enough money ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+584, -24] He basically poured gas over the fire he started



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