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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Twice's successful debut ensures JYP's financial stability for the next 10 years

Article: Twice ensures JYP for the next 10 years "The birth of JYP's pension"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+4,525, -114] As long as JYP doesn't screw up, this group is going to have a long running career. Do not send them to America.

2. [+2,529, -133] Please don't send Twice anywhere else and keep them promoting in Korea...

3. [+1,372, -92] Isn't Momo the member they added back in after they eliminated her..?

4. [+1,176, -144] Each member is so charming in uniquely different ways!

5. [+237, -23] Park Jin Young just needs to make sure he doesn't get too excited with them and they'll be a long running group. Just leave them alone... don't even think about sending them to America.

6. [+247, -28] JYP is seriously set for the next 10 years if they keep this up with Twice. They're a rookie group but I can already tell they're going to be huge.

7. [+184, -19] I'm really supporting you this year, JYP!! Let's get some work done!!!

8. [+198, -26] Don't send them to America, Gorilla-nim. Just two years in America is all it takes for all the fans to leave.

9. [+114, -19] As long as they don't lose their roots, this group is going to hit one top and beyond~~ ^^

10. [+58, -5] Wonder Girls and miss A could've been 10 year pensions too but JYP screwed up



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