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Friday, January 29, 2016

TV: [Spoilers!!!] Produce 101

Article: 'Produce 101' Kahi "upset" at choreography lessons to F group

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+137, -4] So apparently this show is based 100% off of viewer votes, then shouldn't they be distributing equal screen time to all of the trainees? They don't even bother showing a few teams during agency performances and today's episode was clearly centered on Kim So hye, Choi Yoo Jungm Kim Se Jung, and Jun Somi. I'm a Somi fan myself but I think they need to distribute equal screentime because the only thing viewers know about these trainees is what they see on TV so of course they're only going to vote for the kids they repeatedly see ㅋ

2. [+125, -3] I honestly think how Mnet edits this will matter more than viewer votes

3. [+74, -7] Kahi has such a warm heart


Article: 'Produce 101' Kim Soo Hyun's dongsaeng Kim Juna earns a C grade, "You can't dance"

Source: 10asia via Nate

1. [+585, -33] Are they cows, why are they being graded like this... I don't even know what the point of this show is

2. [+555, -30] Let's please stop watching this trash show. They're sitting there grading them like meat and the market's already too saturated with idols, what're we going to do with 101 more ㅡㅡ

3. [+398, -17] Don't care for her

4. [+46, -2] Kim Soo Hyun's father divorced and left him and had her, why does that make her his dongsaeng ㅡㅡ

5. [+30, -3] Funny how you have 101 trainees but not one of them are good...;;; there are a few who have potential and know how to enjoy the stage but that's about it;;; I wonder what some of these companies were thinking putting their untalented trainees out like this, can't be good for their company image

6. [+28, -0] All of these trainees are 5 minutes away from being messes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ none of them have actual talent, it's hopeless


Source: Naver

1. [+5,167, -86] Don't use Kim Soo Hyun's name for media play

2. [+3,573, -81] Until when is she going to use his name..

3. [+3,414, -63] Every single article about her has Kim Soo Hyun's name tagged in it

4. [+2,466, -248] Why is Jang Geun Suk even a judge? Isn't he an actor?

5. [+523, -7] Kim Soo Hyun himself has already made his stance clear on his family issues by declaring himself as an only child... it's upsetting to me that she keeps bringing his family issues up to the media like this


Article: 'Produce 101' Ariyoshi Risa, a shocking stage that puts her beauty to shame

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+122, -4] Totally lost my image of her as soon as she began singing...

2. [+112, -2] I thought she was going to faint when she was fanning her jacket ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+79, -15] She is really pretty though

4. [+22, -2] Her singing's so hopeless.... shouldn't she at least get her basics down before coming on a show like this?

5. [+17, -1] Even I was so embarrassed for her;;;;;;;;;


Source: Naver

1. [+418, -13] Honestly speaking though, there are so many members from daebak girl groups that can't sing and are only popular for their faces too ㅋㅋ

2. [+306, -9] I think she wants to be a celebrity rather than a singer ㅋㅋ

3. [+279, -10] She's pretty but that's all there is to her...

4. [+239, -16] This is still a singing show, she should know how to sing ㅠ

5. [+230, -28] She's gorgeous though. Doesn't matter if she can't sing or dance, her looks alone are enough to single handedly carry a group. She's natural to boot and looks innocent without any of the fox acts. She just needs some training and she'll hit daebak.


Article: 'Produce 101' Rivals Oh Seo Jung vs Ahn Ye Seul both get B grades

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+114, -1] They were rivals on 'Superstar K' too ㅋㅋㅋ Ahn Ye Seul is totally innocent while Oh Seo Jung is the one who purposely didn't wake Ahn Ye Seul when she was napping and it was time for then to pick a song ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+96, -1] Oh Seo Jung keeps asking people not to judge her from her K-Pop Star days but she had a negative image back then too and I don't think much has changed. Ahn Ye Seul compliments Oh seo Jung saying her voice is pretty and all but Oh Seo Jung says Ahn Ye Seul looks like a potato... why would you call someone a potato. And you can tell just from watching that Ahn Ye Seul seems relaly nice while Oh Seo Jung acts like a fox.

3. [+87, -2] Oh Seo Jung seems really conscious of Ahn Ye Seul, she keeps side glancing her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Article: 'Produce 101' Jun Somi wins #1 in popularity votes for second week in a row 'dominating popularity'

Source: 10asia via Naver

1. Jun Somi
2. Kim Se Jung
3. Kang Mina
4. Joo Kyul Kyung
5. Kim Na Young
6. Kim Dani
7. Heo Chanmi
8. Jung Chae Yeon
9. Ki Hee Hyun
10. Kwon Eun Bin
11. Jun So Yeon

1. [+2,555, -157] Ooh Somi, grats grats grats

2. [+2,231, -159] Somi didn't seem to perform to her full potential today ㅠㅠ but find strength

3. [+1,900, -117] Somi looks like she's having a hard time... fighting!!

4. [+1,644, -133] Jun Somi, let's get you a debut ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+668, -22] Somi and Se Jung stand out to me the most, I think these two will definitely debut

6. [+542, -27] Unless Somi gets something dirty from her past revealed or she does something nasty in the middle of the show, the #1 is pretty much Jun Somi ㅋㅋㅋ she's already got the Sixteen fanbase behind her, it's no joke

7. [+494, -12] Jun Somi and Kim Se Jung are probably 99% confirmed to debut


Article: 'Produce 101' TOP 11 popularity votes revealed

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+166, -17] Somi-ya ㅜㅜ let's debut ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ❤

2. [+137, -10] Sejung ㅜㅜ I became her fan when she was tearing up because she couldn't follow along with the dance and the teacher asked her why she was crying and she just perked up with a smile and said she'll try harder..

3. [+114, -14] Somi-ya, let's stay #1 until the end

4. [+33, -3] Somi's just.. wow, her looks are of another league. It's like she shines on her own ㅋㅋㅋ her singing and dancing are all above average, and the ending scene made my jaw drop ㅋㅋㅋ as for Sohye, if she really is an acting trainee, she should voluntarily leave the show instead of ruining her image any more...

5. [+29, -4] Even when the camera randomly flashes Somi, she has such dominating looks out of the 101. She's mixed but is closer to Asian features and I think her debut is 100% confirmed.



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