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Monday, January 25, 2016

Black Nut back on the chopping block for controversial lyrics

Article: Black Nut, there are some lines that human beings just shouldn't cross

Source: ize via Naver

Article talks about a new hip hop song release called 'Indigo Child' under the Just Music label featuring Vasco, Black Nut, Cjamm, and Genius Nochang. The lyrics have become controversial for touching on issues of misogyny and the Sewol Ferry, with even rapper Jerry.k stepping forward to voice his opinion on it.

Random excerpts:
"You want to become like Pac, Biggie but let me know if it gets hard so I can put a bullet through your head"
"I masturbated to Kitti B's picture, but that was before she was on Unpretty"
"Don't hide your truth, drop your sh*t easy like the butthole of an elder on dementia"
"I don't consider myself more amazing than the tits of a kimchi girl (derogatory term for Korean girls used by misogynistic men)"
"What you're really afraid of is how fast your status is sinking, not the Sewol Ferry"


1. [+574, -33] I wish people would stop accusing others who disagree with the lyrics as "not knowing hip hop"... Is it not possible to write raps without putting down women too? Since when has it been appropriate for any culture to stand outside the realms of morality?

2. [+489, -26] I don't think lyrics like this should be justified just because it's hip hop. I agree with the article, I don't care how talented Black Nut is as a rapper, his lyrics are horrifying...

3. [+449, -37] I feel like people like him are latent criminals... how can thoughts like this come out of your head? Trash that needs to be kept an eye on

4. [+388, -19] Why is it that it's only crimes like murder that people consider immoral? People try to justify all sorts of horrible things by reasoning "he didn't murder anyone".. tsk tsk. To all you hip hop fans, I don't care whether you think I know hip hop or not, there are some lines that just shouldn't be crossed and things that shouldn't be said just because you have a mouth. It's because ethics are only taught in elementary school as a class to memorize and pass that kids grow up to be people like Black Nut. Please come up with some real retorts instead of just disagreeing with the article.

5. [+173, -11] I think hip hop should just stay underground

6. [+96, -4] I hate how hip hop fans always accuse the rest of us as not knowing anything about hip hop... if this is what hip hop is, I'd rather not know about it at all. I guess you guys know hip hop but not ethics or morals.

7. [+73, -6] I find anyone who supports Black Nut, man or woman to be weird :( I think of any man who supports him to be a criminal in disguise

8. [+70, -7] I'll never understand people who think this is cool and support him


Article: 'The Birth of a Rap Star' Black Nut, "I've given all the money I've made to my mother"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,141, -385] Read the raps you write to your mother too~

2. [+1,500, -223] Hiding behind the name of hip hop to spew trash is not what makes a rapper

3. [+1,233, -140] Does he treat women separately from his mother

4. [+984, -151] His lyrics make me so uncomfortable...

5. [+609, -88] I know him as the man who writes lyrics I'd never put in my own mouth

6. [+356, -46] ㅎㅎ.... are you not embarrassed of that money in front of your mother?



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