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Monday, December 7, 2015

U-KISS Eli reveals his abrupt marriage announcement was to protect his family

Article: U-KISS Eli, "The reason for my abrupt marriage announcement was a decision made to protect my family"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+676, -28] Maybe because U-KISS is on hiatus more than they're promoting but it seems their members are more hard at work at starting families than promoting as singers....

2. [+522, -12] His wife is 11 years older than him
- Hul, really? Daebak, how old is he then?
- He's a '91er probably~ so she's... an '80er????!
- Read somewhere else that she's an import model too
- An import model.. must be super pretty then

3. [+405, -12] Two members are married in U-KISS already

4. [+38, -2] I don't think anyone would've recognized them if they were just out in public anyway...

5. [+31, -0] Wasn't he the idol who uploaded a picture of female lingerie in his house?? Or did that not get controversial because no one knows him??

6. [+30, -9] U-KISS busy procreating instead of singing

7. [+29, -6] No one said you weren't protecting your family... just that your announcement could've been better worded to for your fans who've stuck by you for years

8. [+24, -2] He seems to be into older women. I remember on 'Shikshin Road' last time he said Hyun Young was his ideal woman.

9. [+19, -10] At least they're being responsible. They shouldn't be hated for prioritizing their families over their jobs.

10. [+15, -0] Being an idol is hopeless anyway, might as well just marry a rich woman and be an early dad instead of ending up poor and resorting to roles on low ranking variety shows later on.


Source: Naver

1. [+7,066, -91] Uh, well, marriage is a personal matter so.. have a happy life.

2. [+6,108, -204] It really was a surprise announcement but who can say anything to a man trying to protect his family. I think it was the responsible thing for him to do. A lot of people have been bringing up his wife's age but that's none of their business so ignore them.

3. [+3,768, -90] Congratulations, be happy~

4. [+2,418, -519] Huh????? Isn't there already a married member named Dongho in U-KISS? I don't even know who you are ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but be happy

5. [+635, -41] 100 times better than Kim Hyun Joong

6. [+619, -98] I've been your fan for six years. Even when U-KISS was getting hate for their Diablo scandal, I stood by you as a fan and took in all the hate... but how did you treat your fans in the end? You got married secretly, and after a year and half, you came out with a statement saying, "You don't have to be U-KISS fans anymore so stay if you're going to support me or just leave." And you expect us fans not to get mad? Whatever. Be happy. I'm done with U-KISS now. I thought for sure the group would be popular one day but now I see there's a reason why this group never got their break. I learned something from you.

7. [+547, -84] Um... I'm pretty sure you and your wife could've gone to the hospital all you wanted and no one would've recognized you anyway.. sorry but you're not that big of a top star... he seems to be full of himself.

8. [+514, -60] He's being responsible now but he should've announced it from the start. Why lie to his fans?

9. [+475, -41] He said he wasn't even able to go to the hospital freely because he was afraid people would recognize him....? This is my first time even hearing his name

10. [+454, -47] It must be very disappointing for fans to hear

11. [+406, -28] I think his fans are super pissed because he said he hid his marriage to protect his family from them. Did you think your fans would attack your wife or something? You should be grateful you even have fans for a group that never even got popular. You should be on the floor bowing to them. I doubt you could pull in every U-KISS fan in the country and come up with more than 10.

12. [+468, -101] He talks like he thinks he's some Big Bang level of fame when no one would even recognize him on the streets and his public recognition level is in the shits.

13. [+306, -32] Nugu??????

14. [+275, -11] He did the right thing to be up front about his family now but it was really irresponsible of him to say that he doesn't care if his fans leave him when he first announced it. He is still a member of U-KISS, how dare he tell fans to leave? He should be responsible for his decisions instead of putting the burden on his other members.

15. [+208, -4] He needs to just apologize to his fans. He hid it not because he's an idol but because he wanted to trick his fans. That's extremely disrespectful to U-KISS fans.



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