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Monday, December 14, 2015

TV: 'Running Man' apologizes for plagiarizing game from Japanese TV show

Article: 'Running Man' from plagiarism controversy to a speedy apology

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+5,496, -451] I like that they didn't hesitate to apologize for it

2. [+4,547, -371] This show would be getting double the viewer ratings if they didn't move the time slot...

3. [+2,760, -287] Well compared to KBS, it's a lot better... just work harder on the next episodes.

4. [+2,739, -502] It's great that they apologized for it but about 70% of their shows are plagiarized from Japanese TV shows like 'Gayo Stage' and 'Nationwide Talent Show', which a lot of people don't seem to know.

5. [+2,934, -752] Oh come on, this is nothing to praise them for... they plagiarized another show, why would you praise them for apologizing about it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+272, -38] We're not praising them, just saying that it's better that they apologize than ignore the issue completely

7. [+96, -5] Pretty ballsy of them to copy one of the most popular VS Arashi corners.

Source: Daum

1. [+307, -38] It's alright to plagiarize because no one watches this show anymore anyway so it's not like anyone would know

2. [+175, -57] Just get rid of the show... the premise of the show is always the same, just with different guests that they have running around. I don't even get why this show is still kept on air when viewer ratings were the same as 'Take Care of My Dad' but that show got taken off.

3. [+38, -7] Idiot PDs and dumb scriptwriters... just take the show off air, no one watches it anyway.

4. [+36, -9] It's okay, not like anyone watches ^^

5. [+22, -1] Doesn't matter what top star they bring on the show anymore, the show has run its course and reached its limit. It's a show that only serves as another venue for guests to promote their dramas and movies on.



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