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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sunggyu opens up about the personal slumps INFINITE has been going through on 'Showtime'

Article: 'Showtime' INFINITE Sunggyu, "Woohyun went through the biggest slump"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

Sunggyu: "Hoya injured his leg so it's become harder for him to dance like he used to be able to on stage. He'd grit his way through a performance but people would criticize him saying he wasn't dancing when he could. He's someone so passionate about his work that I know how much of a hell it must've been for him to have to sit on a chair while performing at our concert. Friend, us INFINITE members know what you're going through so don't overdo it and just focus on recovering."

Sunggyu: "Woohyun is going through his biggest slump since debut right now. He's usually been in charge of being the bright energy of the group so it's been hard for people to accept that he can be quiet and serious too. I was mad seeing him like that too and got into fights with him over it but after seeing him cry by himself behind the stage, I regretted it immediately. Woohyun-ah, hyung will take care of you more so can you please see me as your friend and partner, someone who you can open up to? Let's cut back on the soccer and have more deep conversations."


1. [+5,578, -288] There's just something about INFINITE that I like

2. [+3,785, -267] Teared up watching this... As a fan who's been with them for five years, I was so confident that I knew everything about them but there's still so much to learn.

3. [+3,107, -110] Woohyun-ah ㅠㅠㅠ Don't worry too much. We'll always be here supporting you so we'll be waiting until you come back to the bright person you are!!! Thank you for trying

4. [+2,562, -82] Let's find strength and last forever

5. [+645, -10] INFINITE will be a long running group. It's great to have things like big fandoms and huge popularities but I know that their fans will stick by them for a long, long time

6. [+540, -6] Today's broadcast broke my heart. As they're nearing 6 years into their debut, I'm sure the members are reaching a point of physical and mental exhaustion. Us fans will just keep supporting you so find strength.

7. [+526, -5] It's great to see Sunggyu looking out for each member like that

8. [+518, -7] This feels the most reality-like out of all the INFINITE reality shows... they've certainly become older and more mature. Find strength.



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