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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fei tears up while talking about her family's past struggles

Article: 'Happy Together 3' Fei breaks into tears while remembering the financial and medical struggles of her mother and dongsaeng

Source: Mydaily via Daum

"It was really hard for me right before I came to Korea. My dongsaeng got sick soon after they were born and my mother fell ill as well. This was two years before I came to Korea. I wasn't that studious at the time. I was never happy when I went home. I'd go with my friends somewhere far away in the countryside to dance and put on performances. I only made about $20 a day and lived off of that. It was really hard then."


1. [+842, -18] She seems like a good person... maybe because she went through her fair share of struggles growing up too. I remember she was on an old show where they visited stranded towns in China and you could tell she was genuine in wanting to help them. Do well, Fei~ ^^

2. [+737, -26] Find strength, Fei!! She's so pretty and deserves more support... but JYP only ever supports one member.

3. [+580, -10] I'm glad she overcame her struggles~ find strength~ She always seems to do well on broadcast so fighting ^^

4. [+116, -4] I like Fei.. she's an honest hard worker. I wish Yoon Eun Hye would stay in China forever and Fei stays in Korea...

5. [+109, -2] While all the male Chinese members leave before their contracts are even up, it's the women like Fei and Victoria who are showing more loyalty

6. [+96, -1] Fei fighting!

7. [+84, -2] Ahhh, pretty heart and face

8. [+29, -0] What a great woman. I still remember her going to mountain towns in China and teaching the kids there.



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