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Monday, December 28, 2015

[Pann] Misunderstandings about IU's 'You and I' music video and concept?

Pann: The truth about IU's lolita accusations

The post delves into the various misinterpretations of IU's 'You and I' music video, which people brought into question for alleged elements of pedophilia. The points are broken down into:

1. The official interpretation of the music video by Loen, which is a fantasy time machine story about IU falling asleep as a 19 year old and waking up as a 20 year old to be with her lover.

2. The description is further stated in the official Melon music video introduction of the music video where it says it's about a teen girl going on a time machine trip into the future.

3. A scene in the music video shows the numbers 191231, showing that it's the final day of the year, December 31st, where she's 19 years old.

4. The lyricist for the song Kim Eana wrote on her personal blog that while the song is open to interpretation according to the imagination of the listener, she confirms that one person's interpretation of a teen waiting until she becomes an adult to be with her lover is also a correct interpretation.

5. A lyric in the song states "you can do whatever you want to me/harm me as you want as I am now", which people interpreted sexually, but it was actually a popular phrase from her DC Inside community when they sent her a congratulatory wreath in 2012 saying "IU's gallery will harm you" since the community is normally known for being obscene/vulgar in nature. A few members of the community came together to show that they were nice people by sending the wreath and IU responded back by saying it was alright, which Kim Eana confirmed was the case in why she included the line in her interview, which she also revealed in an interview.

6. The truth behind the dolls in the album pictures for the album: the image of an older man on a book shelf with a younger baby doll became a controversial topic, but other behind the scenes photos in different angles show that the older male doll is actually two older men and other parts of the set show various other dolls strewn around.

7. The picture of IU sitting at the corner of a surface with her legs posed in a specific way reminded people of the cover of the book 'Lolita', but it's actually a pose used a lot in various other magazine pictorials by other artists too. IU also has other poses in the album wearing the same clothes on the same surface that don't show the cliche lolita pose.

8. As for her shoes, she wore the mary jane heels in different colors all throughout her promos .

9. Once again, her lack of facial expression and the way she had side pig tails was brought into comparison with 'Lolita' but the blank facial expression was just a concept for her overall album, as can be seen in other pictures where she's staring blankly in most of her pictures. Pictures where the model has blank facial expressions with pig tails can be found by other models too.

10. IU was 19 years old at the time of her album and so her pig tails can be representative of her image as a teen before she crosses the line to her adulthood.


1. [+191, -39] So then how are you going to clarify the lies the movie director for '23' said in his clarification????

2. [+130, -153] There were tons of forced/faked evidences to support the lolita theory ㅋㅋㅋ but of course antis will never read this, they only read what they want to and hate on her for that

3. [+108, -19] Forced evidence, eh?.... Then excluding all the fake evidence, it still remains true that there are many lolita elements in her work, which is why critics and scriptwriters took jabs at her on SNS, no? Her fans need to realize that it's not just antis hating blindly, there are actual people who are rightfully criticizing the lolita elements in her work. What's even more disappointing to me about IU right now is her attitude since all of this went down. Despite apologizing, she still introduces 'Zeze' as a "song she still loves" at her concert and continues to sing it with confidence. I was disappointed in her for that. She should know that she should not be singing a song as controversial as that one. If she thinks she can do whatever she wants because it's her personal concert, then why even cause this controversy and apologize and all that? I acknowledge that there can be multiple interpretations to 'Zeze' but her attitude since all of this went down has just been... shameless.

3. [+101, -141] The reason I never agreed with any of the lolita accusations was because so much of it was forced like this

4. [+89, -9] Stop trying to distract from the original accusation which was the fact that there was a script in her MV plot for '23' where she was directed to drink out of a baby bottle like it was wine.

5. [+71, -5] Okay, then where are all the clarifications for the lies told by the '23' MV director, the Britney Spears sampling, the lipstick smeared pictures in her album, and the copied scenes from the Lolita movie?

6. [+66, -7] Wasn't the original lolita controversy about Zeze???

7. [+62, -7] The lolita controversy was based off of her '23' music video, not this one... People brought up 'You & I' but most of that seemed forced. So is there a clarification for '23'?

8. [+51, -8] Where is the clarification for '23'?;;; Why do IU fans only clarify what makes them look good? And please clarify Zeze in a pin-up girl pose in his illustration;;

9. [+38, -10] The other stuff can be considered forced evidence but what about this? Anyone who's seen the movie will know all these references... on top of that, she copied the outfit, hair, etc. The movie was obviously used as a motif.

10. [+38, -13] I still think that picture of her at the end of the TV is a lolita picture. Sure other models have used that pose before but not in that same dress with the mary jane shoes. I'm sure IU fans are upset that the public sees it that way instead of their way. Go look at all the Naver articles~ ^^

11. [+33, -9] I agree with one of the comments here. If she really had nothing dirty about her and none of her scandals had any merit, would she have fallen as deeply as she has now? From Eunhyuk's scandal to lolita to Britney Spears, it's all just been piling and piling up... so how are you fans going to clarify her scene where she spills the milk then? Sigh, I feel so bad for you guys... IU's fans are impossible to communicate with.

12. [+23, -5] There were a lot of misunderstandings with this scandal but the point of the scandal was the lyrics to 'Zeze', which a clarification still hasn't been given for. Don't try to distract from the main point with posts like this.



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