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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's father offers more information to continue the saga...

Article: 'One Night' Kim Hyun Joong's father, "Choi-ssi is asking for a total of 3.4 billion won including the money she's already received"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

Text from mother to ex-girlfriend before lawsuit also discovered: "Ehh, don't be like that.... What he's doing is pissing us off but if you act according to how you feel, you'll have more to lose in the end. Don't be like that and just hold it in and think about milking this...."


1. [+883, -94] Kim Hyun Joong's trash but isn't 3.4 billion won going too far?
- Did you read the article properly? The 3.4 billion they're talking about is 5 million won per month for 19 years in child support payments = 1.8 billion and then add the 1.6 billion she already won from the other lawsuit and that's 3.4 billion in total. Kim Hyun Joong said that he'd take responsibility as the father so it's just in child support payments.
- Wow, women really demand that much? It costs 5 million won to raise a kid per month???

2. [+831, -79] What the, does she want to become a chaebol just for giving birth to a kid?

3. [+731, -58] She's really milking it...

4. [+83, -8] Kim Hyun Joong did trashy things, that's true. But the woman and her mother are using the child to milk him out of more than what she'd win out of a lottery. I wonder if they even love that child? I wonder what they're thinking of while holding him right now?

5. [+70, -4] Are they using the child as some sort of play??? At least one parent needs to be sane in the head so that the kid grows up right!!!! It really makes me so angry, I feel so bad for the kid.

6. [+50, -3] If those texts are true, then this whole lawsuit's been planned. She got 600 million won over an injury she sustained at the gym and then filed another lawsuit for 1.6 billion won after getting pregnant. What a scheme.

7. [+45, -3] 5 million won a month in child support payments????? How can you justify those expenses??

8. [+42, -3] Wow, this woman has no right to be a father. How can you give birth to your own child and be this crazed for money?

10. [+37, -1] I'm honestly curious. They made this child together, so why does the father have to pay for all of the support payments? If she doesn't have enough money to support the kid, she shouldn't have custody of him.


Source: Daum

1. [+3,073, -511] Not that different from a kkotbaem...

2. [+2,690, -341] 3.4 billion won~~~~~ ridiculous... the rest of us struggle to even save 100 million won..

3. [+2,548, -367] She's crazy. She should try to make that kind of money on her own to fund her own life.

4. [+1,094, -129] So the girlfriend and her mom planned this whole thing out?? I got so scared reading that text from her saying "let's milk this"

5. [+1,054, -95] Neither did anything right but this woman is a joke. She may have been assaulted physically and emotionally but she should know what her limits are... asking for that much is crazy.

6. [+825, -59] I feel like these articles are making her out to be worse than she is. She's asking for 5 million won a month for 19 years in child support...

7. [+804, -66] Hul, her mother really sent that text before the lawsuit??? She really calls herself a mother????? Hul

8. [+714, -73] How exactly does she expect to be raising this child that she's asking for 5 million won a month?


Article: Kim Hyun Joong's father, "Choi-ssi and her mother have planned this lawsuit out from the start" suspicion offered

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+361, -56] Seems like Kim Hyun Joong's agency is using its power to drag this to a side that makes them look better... but Kim Hyun Joong still beat a pregnant woman, no more needs to be said.

2. [+301, -60] This is embarrassing, why is he dragging it like this. It's been proven that the child is yours, and she is the mother of your child. You said that you'd take responsibility of them so just resolve it quietly.

3. [+252, -21] They're both the same, just a minor difference in who is worse. Battling it out in a mud ring like this just dirties the both of them in the public's eye. They're just slinging mud at each other at this point.

4. [+38, -3] Why's he revealing this only after the child was revealed to be his? Should've revealed it from the start..

5. [+32, -4] Either way, the assault charges proved true. Just raise the kid well.

6. [+29, -9] Excuse me ajusshi, whatever you say doesn't change the fact that your son beat a pregnant woman. Your son is trash. The more you speak up like this, the more people are going to look down on both you and your son. If it's less money you want to give, then handle it quietly by the law. Stop the media play and stop treating the woman like some makjang.

7. [+25, -4] So what? It's not like it changes the fact that she was beaten. It doesn't change the fact that the child is his. Even if the texts are true, isn't it still all Kim Hyun Joong's fault at the end for not better managing himself?

8. [+23, -7] Hyun Joong-ah, stop blaming the woman and blame your own dick your fists

9. [+21, -18] Why is the father being like this? Kim Hyun Joong is not a minor, stop speaking for him. It just makes him look more idiotic.

10. [+20, -4] Like father like son



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