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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bora and Han Chae Young take a lookalike selfie

Article: "We're like sisters, right?" Han Chae Young and Bora, lookalike sisters

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+591, -23] I'd believe it if you told me they were sisters

2. [+585, -26] They really do lookalike

3. [+420, -41] I think in 50 years, all female celebrities will have the same face

4. [+38, -5] I wonder why people treat Han Chae Young at the same status as Jun Ji Hyun or Kim Hye Soo when the only known drama she has under her belt is 'Sassy Girl Chunhyang'? For what, her looks? Her body?

5. [+36, -4] They do resemble each other but the level of prettiness is different... like Shin Bong Sun and IU.

6. [+23, -0] Bora was the Han Chae Young of Myungji University after all

7. [+21, -5] They look alike ㅋ especially their eyes

8. [+17, -2] Han Chae Young's make up looks a bit outdated.. she'd be prettier with a more natural, lighter look. She always goes with the dark smoky eye though.

9. [+15, -3] Did they get work done at the same clinic? They all look similar

10. [+15, -8] They don't look alike in real life. Han Chae Young has an aura to her...

11. [+14, -3] I used to think she was pretty in the past but now I see faces like her all over Gangnam. Everyone gets surgery to look like each other.

12. [+13, -5] The corners of their eyes are cut way too deep



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