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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

'2015 KBS Gayo Festival' to be streamed on V app

Article: KBS Gayo Festival reps, "Backstage + original broadcast will be streamed live on V app"

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,690, -12] I really hope KBS gets this right...

2. [+1,737, -52] So they'll have 220 minutes of broadcast time, please don't fill it with useless interview times by taking time away from rookies and smaller agencies.

3. [+1,342, -6] Just don't end up like Gayo Daejun...

4. [+1,037, -11] I have a feeling it'll be a mess because I don't expect the Gocheok Sky Dome to have all the sound issues ironed out yet. The dome was built for events like baseball games and I think I heard they still need to build in additional sound systems..

5. [+153, -0] I hope the cameramen don't try to show off the Gocheok Dome by filming the crowd all the time insetad of the singers on stage.

6. [+141, -7] What SBS did to the rookies and smaller agencies, I just can't... why even hold interviews if you're only going to interview some and ignore the others. They're the worst.

7. [+120, -3] Pisses me off when cameramen zoom out to show how big the stage is and catch all the fan lights when all we want to see are the singers on stage.

8. [+114, -2] Don't worry about the V app, worry more about the sound and lighting

9. [+96, -2] I just want every singer to be able to perform one full song, and if there's more time left, give more time to the singers who actually accomplished things this year...



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