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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Is it time for Korea to fix their age calculation system?

Article: Two years old just a day after being born? Until when will Korea keep its age system

Source: Money Today via Nate

Talks about how people have divided opinions on Korea's current age system, which counts every year you were alive whether your birthday passed or not. So a baby born on December 31st will be counted as a one year old and then a two year old on January 1st.

1. [+2,102, -75] Yeah, let's please fix this

2. [+1,725, -119] I gave birth last week... I wanted to wait until next year but obviously that wasn't something I could control;;; I'm so sad that my child will be two years old just after a week that he's born... his milestones will be compared to other two actual two year olds his age.. let's please just fix something like this!

3. [+1,660, -76] My nephew was born on December 31st and then "turned two" just a few hours after he was born. Korea is the only country in the world that uses this age system where it's calculated as your age + 1. It confuses me so much at world events like the Olympics. Times are changing, this needs to change too..

4. [+153, -7] This is even funnier:
Someone born on December 2015 with a three month age gap between someone born on March 2016 is considered their hyung... but someone born on March 2016 with a 10 month age gap between someone born on December 2016 is considered the same age/friends.

5. [+133, -3] As if getting older isn't sad enough, let's all get younger by fixing this system!!

6. [+113, -3] Most countries just go by whether your birthday has passed or not. That should be how it's done.

7. [+94, -5] I'm turning 30 next year, let's fix this. I want to stay in my twenties ㅠ

8. [+77, -4] It wouldn't matter if age was just a number but so many things in society are decided by age, this definitely needs to be fixed.

9. [+72, -1] My eldest daughter was born on December 29th, 2011... she's technically only 4 years old but is counted as a 6 year old ㅜㅜ she's so tiny compared to her peers and everyone looks so shocked when I tell them she's turning 6 and tell her to eat more and grow up big... she already eats a lot.. ㅜㅜ

10. [+65, -1] I keep telling the baby in my belly to just wait 3 more days... something is way too weird about having him turn 2 years old in just three days.

11. [+61, -3] The entire world calculates your age by your birthday.. and isn't it better to be one year younger than one year older? I think change is needed while we can.

12. [+60, -1] I get confused on legal documents too... whether I should write my Korean age or the birthday age.

13. [+51, -1] My kid was born on December 18th and so he got placed in school a year faster and kids around this age obviously show huge gaps in development and it's so frustrating to see him being treated like he's behind when he's not.



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