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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'Strong Heart' to be taken off air

Article: [Exclusive] 'Strong Heart' taken off air after 3 years 3 months running 'last recording on the 17th'

Source: E-News via Nate

1. [+1,435, -52] I'm glad that the show's over before T-ara has a chance to cry ugly tears on it ㅎㅎ

2. [+1,155, -37] I love Shin Dong Yub and Lee Dong Wook but Strong Heart was honestly really boring

3. [+963, -26] Good work Dong Yub hyung, you suffered a lot

4. [+154, -8] Good. 'Strong Heart, Star King, Quiz That Changes the World' programs I personally hate the most

5. [+96, -2] Now where will all of the problematic celebrities go to cry their fake tears


Article: [Exclusive] Kim Hee Sun an MC candidate to new talk show 'Hwashin', follow-up to 'Strong Heart'

Star News via Nate

1. [+229, -10] I'm just glad that we finally got rid of that program that sits down celebrities and lets them cry fake tears while trying to justify their problems

2. [+250, -78] Does she want to end up like the Go Show?

3. [+166, -20] I don't think any actor/actress can run a talk show as an MC on their own yet. Who would've ever thought that Lee Dong Wook, Go Hyun Jung, or Kim Seung Woo would ever run their own talk show? Producers seem to think that they can transfer the popularity of these actors without any MCing experience onto the variety stage, but it doesn't work like that. A talented MC does wonders in providing a fun experience for the viewers.



  1. "1. [+1,435, -52] I'm glad that the show's over before T-ara has a chance to cry ugly tears on it ㅎㅎ"

    Korean netizens only know how to hate ¬___¬

    1. And netizens from America don't?

  2. I guess celebs can't have problems or emotions like normal people. But I stopped watching after KHD/LSG left so it's no loss.

  3. 2. [+1,155, -37] I love Shin Dong Yub and Lee Dong Wook but Strong Heart was honestly really boring

    agree with this. I like a lot of those who go on the show, but its just boring and some of the stories sound so fake and exaggerated ....

  4. never understood the appeal of the show. the stories were always so lame. star king is terrible too. I watched an episode recently and they invited hand models onto the show..
    hand models..

  5. the comments from those korean articles are generally made by teen trolls and antis.
    General public DGAF.

  6. i dislike both Strong Heart and Star King. They were fun at first but now they're lame.

  7. after KHD and LSG left the show lost it's charm,KHD and LSG chemistry was amazing even when LSG was MCing the show was intresting but Shin Dong Yub and Lee Dong Wook pair didn't work the ratings was also low,while Shin Dong Yub was doing a good job lee dong wook wasn't up to the a pair the chemistry wasn't thre and show got boring,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Actually I really like Strong Heart.. :/

  9. An American netizens don't? See Justin Bieber.

  10. hmm, then what are the things that NetizenBuzz posts all the time called 'Positive Dump'? Are those all just an illusion?

  11. It was fun when it first started. Then when they got rid of Boom and brought Shindong in, it was actually quite fun. Then when Boom came back and both KHD and LSG left, everything just became crap.

  12. 1. [+1,435, -52] I'm glad that the show's over before T-ara has a chance to cry ugly tears on it ㅎㅎ

    Best comment ever

  13. aw i really like the show... ]:

  14. finally.... they should cancel star king too ,that show makes me cringe everytime i watch it , they are trying so hard to be funny

  15. why should we care for american netizens?? LOL that was stupid, ex.

    this is a korean related site

  16. people anti some artists and love others.

    i.e. many JYJ fans hate Homin but love JYJ.

  17. The last comment about actor becoming MC..
    Maybe Go Hyun Jung's Go Show not really met the expectation, but IMO Kim Seung Woo did a good job on Win Win.. It's just the show has reached the decline point, they have to replace it with new fresher show..
    And Lee Dong Wook was not bad either, though I personally like KHD - LSG better as Strong Heart MC

  18. I think Strong Heart used to be good, but now everyone has already told the good stories. They can't get fun people or good stories anymore, but the old episodes were great. (I really love Shin DongYup though ;_;)